Saturday, December 22, 2007

Radio Shack Flip Book Spot

When we saw this new Radio Shack commercial, wife said she thought they got the idea from my Dragonfly Flipz movies. I, of course had nothing to do with the spot. I think it's possible. I've been posting flip book movies for the past year on several sites, so, some agency director may have come across them. But, really I'll never know and that's fine. I like the spot. It's sort of fun that with the camera in phone he didn't just point it at his own face and record the thanks. But, hey, the old school flip book animation made for a better commercial.

What do you think, did I inspire them?

Friday, December 7, 2007

New Yorker Cartoon - RingTales -Dragonfly Web Flipz Book

Here's Dragonfly Web Flipz book inspired by the very funny RingTakes animated versiosn of New Yorker Cartoons I post on youtube. I came across the animated shorts last year and immediately thought they would be great as flip books. It would be like taking the original spot cartoons back to their roots, the printed page, but with a twist. Some of the New Yorker cartoons are very funny in a classic sick, twisted sense of humor.

The youtube movie hasn't gotten many views but, as luck would have, one of the CEOs of RingTales emailed that he like it, so I sent him a copy. I'll keep everyone post on any further developments.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Superman Toon Flipz Book Preview Movie

Back in July, I did a Superman Toon Flipz Limited Edition Book. (You can read the old post for details) I donated a copy for auction at the San Diego Comic Con for the Comic Book Legal Defense group, and a copy was auctioned on Ebay. Well, I decide to expand the book and publish it for sell. I'm planning for a spring release date or maybe for the San Diego Comic Con, at the most. I'll be sure to post more info soon.

This planned revised version will get a new cover (better title type), the group pages in the beginning of the book, four pages on a page, will be enlarged and places on
their own page.

Here's a movie of the Limited Edition version. Please forgive the total butchering of the great sound track and the bad flipping.

I think this has got be the ultimate Superman flip book you'll find anywhere.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dragonlance Animated Movie DVD coming Jan.'08

I just came across the listing on for the direct to DVD project I work on last year, Dragonlance: Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight. It's based on the extremely popular Dragonlance series of books and role-playing games by produced by Wizards of the Coast. I was starting to wonder when this was coming out. I storyboarded several sections for director Will Meugniot (his last name is pronounced "Mineo", but you wouldn't know it by the spelling). Will is a great guy and a well rounded, talented, artist/producer/director and a friend. He never stops drawing,..really!! He must thousands of charcter sketches floating around. (He really puts yours truly to shame in that regard) You can check out his ton of credits at his web site

I own a lot to Will, he offered me my first LA animation job on the animated series ExoSquad (come on Universal, release a DVD set of this series, already!), while I was still living in New York City. My first position was as the show's oversea animation supervisor in Seoul, South Korea, than I was tapped to be co-producer for the second season. That position allowed me to move from New York City and the rest,as they say, is history, well...maybe boring personal history.

In any case, look for the DVD and check out Will's site when you get a chance.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Metropolis Cinema Flipz Book

Here's a Dragonfly Cinema Flipz book of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the classic 1927 silent movie. It one of my favorite movies, for the great iconic images in it. You can definitely see the inspiration for Star War's C3PO in the "Maria" Robot.

I did this a several years back using images from a funky, low quality, budget VHS tape. Since then, a really great digital re-mastered, restored authorized edition was released by Kino Video on DVD in 2002. I did a second mini-book Cinema Flipz of scenes from the DVD. (See the book below) I'll have to make a movie of it soon and share it with everyone.

I hope to interest Kino Video in letting me do Dragonfly Cinema Flipz book of their great video releases, especially their silent movie catalog. I think it would be a nice way to introduce these films to a new young movie lovers. I'll keep you posted.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Nerf Blaster from Hasbro

The good guys at Nerf Haven have unveiled a new Nerf Blaster from Harbro. Here's a peek. It seems it will be released next spring.

There's some debate about the size, below is my estimate in comparison to the LongShot.

Just for fun, I'll be presenting my own thoughts on the future of "Nerf War", soon. Here's the cover (not final) preview image:

I'm still editing the text. I hope to have it done soon. It should make for some lively "nerd" debate on NerfHaven. Be sure to join in.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ruby, Ruby, Rubi

This past week I ordered, and recieved, the latest installment of one of my favorite Sci-Fi characters, Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe. You may not have heard of Ruby, she's the main character in a series of audio adventures, basically "radio plays" produced by ZBS Foundation since the early 80's. Here's how I described her in a pitch outline I prepared awhile ago (more on that later):

Ruby, Galactic Gumshoe, follows the adventures of a “smart, saucy, and sassy” futuristic detective on the planet Summa Null in the 25th century. In this ultra modern setting of media overkill and out of control commercialization, Ruby, Galactic Gumshoe, accompanied by the eccentric archaeologist, T.J. Teru, and the lovable thief Rodant Kapoor (pronounced Roe-dent), weaves her way through a bizarre mix of hi-tech, mystical and humorous adventures.

Ruby’s world is laced with fantastic locations such as Magnifico, the City of Malls, Kismet, the inflatable nomadic city, and populated with a kaleidoscope of offbeat characters. These include Angel Lips, a sexy android. Moliere, chief of the “pun” loving Mole People, who love to dance the tango. Monet, an Aurorean, a race that “lives for aesthetics”. And/Or, the “techie” from the Digital Circus, an renegade underground performance group. And many, many, more.

In her trusty “talking” air car, Mustapha, Ruby navigates across a vibrant world of Scuzzies (cyber-punks), Slimeys (genetically engineered assassins) and a host of other alien oddball characters. Case after case finds Ruby matching wits with Techo Witches, Zoot Mutants and “dark forces” from this and “other” dimensions fighting for the hearts, minds, souls, and pocket books of the masses.

Ruby is “one tough cookie”. Self-confident and independent, she’s a neo-classic gum shoe, like a Sam Spade meets Han Solo in a female form. Highly intelligent and resourceful, Ruby is still basically a woman of action. Armed with her sharp mind and rapier wit, Ruby is more than a match for any human or alien foe who crosses her path. But Ruby also possesses a special gift; she can slow down time. This comes in handy when you need to dodge a laser blast or the swing of a bad guy’s energy-blade, allowing her to sidestep danger and returns the favor with a blast from her “Smith-Asahi Godzilla Blaster” with a signature response, “here’s a kiss for ya”.

All this is great stuff! ZBS Foundation has produce tons of Ruby stories, the last being Ruby 7, and other original productions. I started buying Ruby adventure on audio cassettes and immediately fell in love with them. So much so, that I tried to get the rights to produce an animated series, and I actually did secure the animation rights for about two years. But, as luck would have it I couldn't get the project sold. The first Ruby audio series was done as two minute episodes which actually aired on public radio, during rush hour drive time. I thought they were perfect for webisodes. I pitched them as such, at the height of the Web 1.0 crash. Bad timing on my part. I remember my last pitch meeting was the day after "9/11". Needless to say a lot of projects faded away at that time. My Ruby was one of them. So, the animation rights are now in the hand of other producer. But I still hold out that I'll get another chance. (Just for record, I haven't seen one bit of info from the other guy in the two years he's had the rights. I'm hoping no news is good news, because I think ZBS's Ruby deserves to be out there, even if I'm not the one doing it.) ZBS is one of my inspiring, creative heroes, so, please visit ZBS Foundation website for more info, and support them by buying their stuff.
Here's the animatic I did for my Ruby animated series pitch. It's an adaptation of the first audio episode. This is the first time it is being shown online, although the storyboard has been on my website for several years. I just never got around to posting the animatic. With picking up the latest adventure, I decided, why not! By the way, I also did a series of Dragonfly Flipz books of this short. If, I ever get the chance, I'll print that up someday. (By the way, ZBS and the media right owner has a copy of this animatic and flip books, just for the record)

Ruby, the Assassin

Some time after finishing on the Ruby pitch I came across this other Ruby, " Ruby, the Assassin" featured in demos for ATI graphic card. I be curious to know if these guys knew of the ZBS "Ruby". The episodes are very well and worth checking out.

I thought of approaching ATI and seeing if they'd be interested in having Dragonfly Flipz book adaptations done of the episodes. I still might do that.

Rubi - Wet

Just to add to the mix, here's a third "Ruby" or Rubi. This Rubi is the lead character in a new video game coming out next year called "Wet". It looks interesting in "Kill Bill, kind of way. I don't know much about it, but the trailer looked cool. (Warning: Mature content)

Three Rubys for the price of one.


Dragonfly Game Flipz Books on Ebay - Sold

Congratulations to the winning bidders of the Dragonfly Game Flipz book auctions on Ebay. Four of the five books went to a buyer in France, and remaining one to a U.S. buyer. Thanks to everyone that joined the bidding.

I'm preparing a updated and revised edition of the Superman Toon Flipz book for printing and sale, soon. I'll keep everyone posted.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dragonfly Game Flipz Books on Ebay

After moving from LA to Upstate New York, I unpacked and set up my work space. As I sorted through my Dragonfly Flipz book demos, I realized "man, I got a lot of these flip books", and for various reasons they're just sitting here collecting dust. Let's face it, I've been posting my Dragonfly Game Flipz movies on Gametrailers and Youtube, for over a year, now, contacting the game companies by sending emails and sample books, and the results have been luke-warm to no comment what so ever. Either it's a dumb idea (like the flip book is too low-tech for them) or they just don't get it. But, the views counts tell the fans "get it". So maybe it's time to move on, or at least try a different plan. I'll be cutting back on the Game Flipz book for awhile to concentrate other Dragonfly Flipz books that I can produce directly.

But, to thank all the viewers who have been soon inspiring, I've made a few of the Game Flipz boks available on EBay this week. A single copy, and only a single copy, of the Halo 3, Final Fantasy XIII, Killzone 2 (2005), and the Unreal Tournament 2007 Game Flip books will be on auction.

When I did my demo books I usually printed a gang up of 4 books. When I finished a group, I'd video a copy for my Game Flipz movie (so technically the book in the movie is still not for sale, if any one cares). A second copy was sent to the game developer with a proposal letter. So, I alway have 2 or three copies on file. I have given copies people as gifts or to perspective business contacts at conventions. For example, Geoff Keighley, who hosts the Game Head show for SpikeTV and shows here on has a copy of the Killzone 3 (2007) Game Flipz Book, one of my latest, the I gave to him at the San Diego Comic Con last July. Kevin Pereira of G4TV has a copy of a small Halo flipbook (Dude!...look in your sock draw, the damn thing is a collector's item!) Not one word from any of them, I know all these guys are busy, but...what's a guy have to do to get a response. So, it time to re-group.

So, if you interested owning Dragonfly Flipz book before the general world discovers these little gems, click om my Dragonfly Emporium link and check out the auctions. And if you can pass the word on to friends, please do so.

Thanks, again.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thundercat CGI Movie Project finds a Director.

My good friend, Larry Houston, sent me this article from Variety, the entertainment daily. It seems video game veteran Jerry O'Flaherty, art director of Gear of Wars and Unreal tournament will direct the CGI movie of the Thundercats , the classic Rankin and Bass cartoon from the '80's. Since I like the art direction of Gears and Unreal, I'll be looking forward to seeing what he does with the T'Cats. Actually, the reason Larry sent me the article(as I've mentioned before) is that I worked on the original series, (yes, I'm that old). I was the art director for the last season and designed the secondary characters for the last thirty shows and wrote two of them "Shadowmaster" and "Well Of Doubt" (you can check them out on Season 2 - Volume 2 of the Thundercats DVD set).

Here's a clip:

I hope they bring back the Shadowmaster. It would be fun to see my character on the big screen.

So, what left to say but...THUNDERCATS...HO-O-O-O-O!!!!


Larry Houston is a very talented animation producer/director with tons of credits, including the early X-men animated series. Please look him up and bug him to start a blog or website. He definitely has a lot to share with everyone.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Halo, Halo everywhere...and not a game to play.

The title is a lame twist on the famous "water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink" line (it might been from a Shakespeare play, but I'm not sure). Sadly for me I can't play Halo 3 since I don't own a XBox 360 and have no plans to buy one. Maybe when it's released for the PC (Microsoft "Games for Vista" line), I'll have a Intel Mac by that time and get a chance to play it that way, a year or two down the line.

In any case, Halo 3 was released this week and you had to have been living under rock or in a deep coma (or both) not to have been exposed to the hype and fan madness. Don't get me wrong I like Halo, very much! As a card carrying comic book, sci-fi, video gaming nerd-geek, I think it deserves all the attention it gets. Congratulations to all the creative artist, animators, game programmers and everyone connected to it, for a job well done.

So, in honor of Halo 3's release, here's a retrospective of Dragonfly Flipz concept pieces done based on the game taken from earlier posts here, or on other sites. I know my Game Flipz™ books would have been a great addition to their licensed product line, but it wasn't meant to be, I guess.

(P.S. I also wanted to test the Blogger movie upload feature to see if it's image quality was better than youtube, which sucks!)

This the alternate cover for the Halo 3 Game Flipz book. I ended up using it for the title page.

Here's the first pages of the Halo 3 Game Flipz book. Clip on the image to enlarge:

Here's the fake ad I did just before the official Halo laser tag toys were announced. I still think Hasbro's LazerTag product would have been a better choice. Hasbro has much better design and higher quality than Jazman, who will be making the official Halo laser tag stuff.

Here's the official Halo Laser Tag blasters coming out next month. (If the high prices I see posted for these are true, they'll be a real rip-off! I'll blog about that later, when they're released)

I actually picked up two Halo Mini-Pin sets of the weapons and some Wizkids Action Clix figures. I think they're cool, and reasonably priced. Here's a photo of the pins with my Halo Game Flipz books.

As you can see they would be a nice bundle. If you think so too, post a message to Bungie's fan board and link to this blog.

So, now that I've added my load of stuff to the Halo media overkill pile, enjoy.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Maryann Kovalski - Children's Book Illustrator

The great thing about internet is it helps people contact with each other. It's great for keeping in touch with current friends, and associates. It helps you make new contacts, around the world. And best of all, it helps you re-contact with old friends. That was the case with Maryann Kovalski and myself.

Maryann is a talented illustrator, and sometimes writer, of children books with many published works to her credit. She also happens to have been a friend, and classmate, of mine at the School of Visual Arts, who I lost contact with for over twenty-odd years. As it happened, two years ago, I noticed a item about her in the SVA Alummi journal with a her email address. I emailed her, half thinking, "would she even remember me from those days?" To my pleasant surprise, she did, and we both have enjoyed the warm renewal of our friendship. It's a joy to exchange tales of families, careers, and just "bits of life's journey" from the different paths we've travel since art school. Now, that I live in Rochester, NY, and she lives in Toronto, Canada, we may get to see each other before another twenty or so years pass.

So, do yourself a favor and visit her website and marvel at the great books she has done. Tell her I sent you, and then seek out and buy her books. They great for sharing and reading to your kids. "Omar on Ice" is one of my favorite.

I'm adding her web site to my links lists, also. You should do the same if you have a blog.

Keep up the good work Maryann. See you soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Arts and Crafts for Gamers -Warhawk Paper Model -

I was thinking of doing a blog, joking called, "Arts and Craft for Gamers' because of the Dragonfly Game Flipz Books I do and the "Pop-up card" did for "Gears of War" and "Halo Wars". The most common reaction to the Pop-up Cards were "What the F**K?!!!" But at least Game Flipz Books are generally well recieved. So, what a cool surprise to come across this paper Model for the fighter from PS3 Warhawk game. I hope this is a new start of a new trend, and maybe I had something to do with it. (If, that true I hope someone from Sony will let me know).

The model will be a great rainy day project. My boys love building paper models. I'll post a picture after they, or I put one together.

Here's the link to download your copy:

Warhawk Paper Craft

Gears of War Pop-Up Card

Halo Wars 3D Card

So, even in this advance computer age, paper is not dead yet.


Remembering Joe Zawinul, Jazz keyboard master

It was truly a shock to hear today about the passing of the great jazz musician, Joe Zawinul, best known as co-founder of Weather Report. With co-founder sax player,Wayne Short, Joe Zawinul's Weather Report, blazed trail across the music landscape that many followed but few could equal. In '70 they were vanguard of Jazz Fusion, that hybrid and, when played by lesser musicians, bastard child of "Rock" and "Jazz". But Weather Reports music still holds up, their tune "Birdland" has become a true classic, due in large part to the stunning bass work of the late Jaco Pastorius.

What I remenber most about Weather Report was that at the time I started listening to them in the '70's, I was solidly into guitar base groups, Jimi Hendrix Experience, John Mclaughlin, Jeff Beck, Cream, etc. But, Weather Report was always on my turntable (I stll have those vinyl records, folks!), and they didn't have a lead guitarist in the group! Their music was so good it just grabbed you and shock you until you fell to the floor, a happy heap, dazed and amazed.

Of course, Weather Report wasn't Joe's first band. He played with along list of jazz greats, likes Cannonball Andderly, who Joe wrote the classic Jazz tune "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" for (one of the most soulful tunes ever) and Miles Davis. It was in Miles Davis' "Bitch Brew" session that the seeds of Weather Report were sown. Check the band members list and see how many jazz fusion bands grow from it's personal.

With the passing of Joe Zawinul, and the recent passing of jazz great drummer Max Roach, the music world and our life are a little poorer. But the pure, bright, joy of their music will enrich the lives of all those who take to the time to embrace it with a open heart, mind, and ears.

The Joe's family I offer my most humble condolences. He will always live in our hearts.

Here's a Live performance of Weather Reports' "Birdland"

Here's solo guitarist form Youtube doing a "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy".

Enjoy, and peace.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Greeting from Rochester, NY

To Friends & Family,

Greeting from Rochester NY.

I'm still not totally settled. We're moving into our Town House, next week, so I'm sending this email from my father-in-laws's computer. (My computer is still on route from LA with all my email addresses on it). Everything is going fine, I'm happy to be away from LA. I'm looking forward to diving into my own projects, Dragonfly Flipz and others, full time, and getting back to drawing. In the meantime, my family and I are adjusting to our change of lifestyles. The kids have started school, which they like a lot, plus they have made a couple of new friends, already.

Once, I'm settled in, I'll post updates and pictures. Friends and family can send me emails to my (dfly) address you already have, that's not changing. I can read them through Web Mail.

Let's keep in touch. My best to everyone.

Best regards,


BTW: My birthday's tomorrow, Sept. 10, so send me a e-card. (57 yrs, wow!! Time to start pricing that cool walker with the "racing stripes" and bicycle bell. AARP discounts, anyone?)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free Halo 3 Game Flipz Download

In response to the people who just don't get the whole "flip book" thing, but really, to thank all those people who do "get it", and like my Dragonfly Flipz movies, I've posted a small Game Flipz Demo for download on my website.

Just click on the Halo 3 Game Flipz Book with the Flamethrower cover. Then, download the .pdf file, print it out, cut the pages out, assemble in order, staple and flip. There you have it , your first Dragonfly Game Flipz to enjoy.

This is a simple one sided flip book. Normally, I like to make two sided ones only, but that's a little more complex, so let's start with this one. It was designed for those pre-cut business card sheets. I advise printing it on card stock or brochure paper (I used Glossy HP Brochure Paper). But, doing so means cutting out the pages by hand. Reverse the last page, Pg. 40, to became the back cover. Use two staples from a heavy duty stapler(a plain office stapler may not be strong enough) to keep the pages from twisting.

And here's some advance tips: Laminate the front and back cover pages (image side only) with those stick-on lamination sheets for protecting I.D. cards and such. That keeps the covers from being ruined by the oils in the fingers. Plus it gives the book a more polished look.

Those who "get it", please show it the guys who don't, who leave post messages like, "...pointless" and "..why not just watch the video?" I'll try to make a movie of the version of the flip book, but I'm in the process of moving , so time is short. You can leave a comment here or when I post the movie.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Movie Posted

Finally, I got to post my Dragonfly Game Flipz™ book, featuring one of the latest trailer for Killzone 2 (E3 - 2007)for the PS3. This is follow up to my first Killzone 2 Flipz book for E3 2005 trailer. posted 9 months ago. For now, remember this is a Concept Demo and not for sale!

There was so much great action in this new Killzone trailer, I needed to try a slightly different format this time around, 5 panels for flipping pages instead of 4. Actually after I as started to layout the book from the first new trailer released, post two additional Killzone trailers with more action. So, I took action from the three different trailers to tell an edited version of the whole mission. My 5 panel format was intended for a larger flipz book size 5" x 7", that way the action panels remain the same size as the 3 1/2" x 5" mini-books. But at the last minute I decide to print them at the mini-book size, so I could have 4 instead of 2 for the same price. Also, I was curious to see how how the 5 panel format work in a mini-book. I'm not sure Killzone was the right choice for the 5 panel min-book format because the images are so dark and complex. I simpler image (flash animation for example) might had worked better. Add that to the poor quality of the youtube movie, I must admit I'm a very disappointed in the youtube video quality. It looks like a muddy mess. My original upload file was much clearer. See the image below. (Click on image for larger view)

Somehow the the youtube compression of the video really kills all the detail in the movie. I have to figure out how upload better looking videos, because it bugs me to no end to see my books looking so crappy, and muddy, that you can't see the image details. Sorry, everyone I'll try to do better in the future.

As always you comments and feedback are welcomed.

Superman Flip Book Special Limited Edition Sold

Congratulations to Craig T. for his winning bid on the Superman Toon Flipz book EBay auction. I'm sure Craig will enjoy it. I invite Craig to post here and share his impressions of the book with everyone.

Thanks, again.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Superman Flip Book Special Limited Edition EBay Auction Starts!

I have posted my Superman Toon Flipz™ Special Limited Edition on Ebay, today.
here's the link:

Superman Toon Flipz - EBay Auction

I'm sure there will be a couple of Superman fans who find them interesting. Also, they will be the first of my Dragonfly Flipz min-book for sale, anywhere. I'll sign and the date the inside cover.

Of course, I'm hoping to get some wider exposure for my Dragonfly Flipz books. Dragonfly Flipz™ is a innovative flip book format I developed to be allow me to adapt cartoons, trailers (or any video, animation, source for that matter) into an animated story flip book. These books, 3 1/2" x 5" and 96 to 200 pages in length, would be excellent promotional items or premiums and could be a build into a new revenue stream for media company, large or small. The small size ( 96 pages) allows them to fit in standard game and DVD cases.

I've posted my "Concept Demos" Dragonfly Flipz™ books videos as a fan or "User Films" on and for over 9 months now. They have be well recieved from viewers. Many people already ask were they can buy them. Well, now your chance to own one.

(I hope to have a movie of the Superman Toon Flipz posted as soon as I fix a computer problem I'm having)

Thanks and enjoy.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Movie Post- Delayed, Sorry

Well, here's a "good news, bad news", situation. The bad news, I was unable to post my latest Killzone 2 (E3- 2007) flip book movie, due to a nagging computer problem, I'm still in the process of figuring out, so please be patient. I'll get it up as soon as possible.

The good news, as I was roaming the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con, on Friday, showing my Dragonfly Flipz Book samples to anyone who showed a interest (and some who didn't), I introduced myself to Geoff Keighley, who does the Game Head show for SpikeTV and airs on I showed Geoff my Game Flipz books and he liked them. I explained to him I'm a GT member and have other movies posted there, and how well received they are the members. I give him my new Killzone 2 Game Flipz book and business card show to his producers. We'll see what happens. Thanks Geoff for your interest.

I'll be doing full blog post on my one day at the Comic Con, soon. There's a lot to tell.

Here a Game Head segment to see Goeff Keighley at work:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Superman Toon Flipz - Comic-Con Preview and Ebay Auction

I figure it time to pull out all the stops as far as getting my Dragonfly Flipz book project going, so I've come up with a promo item for the San Diego Comic-Con International happening next week. I wasn't expecting to still be in LA (I'm moving back East). But, as it turns out I will be able to make it down for at least one day, Friday (and maybe sunday, if needed). There are a lot company booths I want to hit, especially those that I've made sample Dragonfly Flipz Books of their projects, Square-Enix of Final Fantasy fame and Blizzard Entertainment for "StarCraft 2".

But to really cover my bases for the Comic-Con I've done a "Superman Toon Flipz - Special Limited Edition", Dragonfly Flipz book, an adaptation of the classic Max Fleischer Superman cartoon, "The Mechanical Monsters" from the 1940's. I mean who hasn't hear or seen "Superamn"?!!! This is limited to only 4 printed and hand assembled books They're 3 1/2 x 5" mini-books, 200 full color (high quality laser) pages, with a laminated cover. All the images in the flip book is from a Public Domain video downloaded from the Prelinger Archives and Internet archives . They have a large collection of PD stuff, they want people to use for free. I plan to sent them one of the books. One book, I plan to donate to the Comic Book Defense fund for their Comic-Con fund raising auction, if they'll accept it (I emailed them offering it, but have not heard back, yet). In anycase, I will put one up for auction on my Ebay store. I'll try to have small flyers to hand out as I walk the Comic-Con, and I'll ask friends with table to spread the word. I'll. of course be show the Superman and my other Flipz book to as many interest parties as I can, so keep an eye out for me.

My Superman Toon Flipz™ is a collector's item, truly one of a kind. But, when I was working on it I realized I would really be better as two books, so I wouldn't have to skip so much animated action, that I cover in comic book layout pages instead of flippiing pages to make it fit into a 200 page book (my max.size) So, I may make a small print run of a B&W version, just to make use of all the work I put into it, and do two book color version later.

Here's some Preview pages, below. (Click on images for larger views)

I'll post the book on Ebay this week and have the auction end a few days after the Comic-Con. I'll keep you posted.

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Preview - Part 3

Here another preview of the Killzone 2 (E3 - 2007). It' almost finish, I'm getting it printed tomorrow and should have a movie posted by wednesday. I had computer problem, I desktop program refused to batch convert my pages to PDF, so I had to do all 202 page one by one, that was a drag what normally takes 1O minutes, took three or so hours. But, it was still worth the effort. Here's a few more preview images.
(As always, click on the image for larger views)
Here's cover including the spine art.

Here's the bridge pages (last page on the first side (odd pages), and the first even page you when you flip the book over).

Actually the comic pages in the Preview Part 2 are no longer in the book, I had to revise the action, so that dialogue scene is now in the flipping action.

Here's an added extra I couldn't resist adding to the flip book. You might remember a post I did a while back calling for more Nerf or laser tag tie-in with FPS games, well, as I posted Halo is getting a Laser tag set this fall. In any case here my fake ad for Killzone Nerf dart blaster. The Nerf longshot is a real product, already. It just needs a cooler color scheme.

Soon, one of these toy companies, or softair BB, or even paintball marker makers will realize there's an market waiting to be tapped big time, for the tie-in items for older kids 12+. But, hell what do I know, I'm trying to sell paper flip books in a pocket, micro, wireless, video world. Well, you don't need a media player with a flip book.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Preview - Part 2

Here another sneak peek at the latest Game Flipz book, for Killzone 2, I'm working on. It's going to be a monster flip book. As I started three massive trailers were released, so I'm trying to include great action footage from each, and tell the narrative storyline of the clips. I, still hope to have it done by this friday so I can start work on preparations for the upcoming Comic Con.

Here's the Game Flipz pages. They are bridge scenes between the flipping action pages.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Preview

E3, the gaming industrial mega "show and tell" event is being held in LA, this week. Unfortunately, for people like me, anyway, it's an invitation only affair, this year, to get out the "low lifes". (You think they, too?) But, the game sites, like and, are flooding the web with great media coverage. Still, I miss the hot booth babes, game sound effects and music blasted to volumes to make your ears bleed, enough strobing lights to cause epileptic fits in the dead, and the smell of sweaty geeks drooling over the games and booth babes, well...may not the "drolling geeks" part.

E3 also means tons of great game trailers that I want to turn into Dragonfly Game Flipz™ Books. First on the "MUST DO" list is the new trailer for Killzone 2 game. I did one Game Flipz book of the first trailer from last year's E3. So, I have to stay current and it looks great.

Here's preview of my Dragonfly Killzone E3-2007 Game Flipz™. They're the comic layout pages before the flip pages start. I hope to finish the whole book with a week. Check out the full trailer below then my Game Flipz™ pages.

(Click on image for larger view)

As always your comments are welcomed.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dragonfly E3 - Game Flipz Line Up

Here's my Dragonfly Game Flipz line-up for the 2007 E3...well...mock "line-up", if I was going. Okay, so I wasn't invited to this year "invitation only" premiere gaming event. So, here's some Game Flipz Books, I'd love to produce.
(Click on the pics for larger views)

Can you figure out which covers above are just mock ups? Check my youtube movies to see which ones I did sample books of. I'll adding more Game Flipz Covers, fake and real, soon.

Hopefully, next year I'll be invited to meet with...any body at E3. Actually, quite few of my Game Flipz books are floating around various game companies. Maybe if someone slip on or tripped over one,it would get noticed. No sweat, I'll just have to keep making them. The best is yet to come.


Thursday, June 21, 2007 - Web site

While doing a google search for flip book (of course), I came across this great French web site with lot of interesting info on flip books. The really great thing is it's has an English version, also. Be sure to check out all the sections, especially the history and links sections. I'm adding them to my links and I've contacted them to see if my Dragonfly Flipz books can be included in their links.

I was floored to see a picture from 1911, that looks like my Dragonfly Flipz format, but the pages were cut into sections. It's a fun site, I'll be spending a lot of time there.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Transformer - the Game - Opening Cinema

Here's the CGI opening for the Transformers game based on the new movie. I have to say this game looks interesting. I don't know who did the CGI work, but it's first rate (I see another Dragonfly Game Flipz book demo in your future). Do yourself a favor a view the HD version on, that's the one I'll use for my flip book.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

StarCraft 2 Game Flipz Movie Posted

Finally, I got a chance to finish and post my new StarCraft 2 Game Flipz movie. I really like the way it came out.

Or on
StarCraft 2 Game Flipz -

The StarCraft 2 trailer about 4 1.2 minutes long (scroll down to view it from the earlier post). That's over 16,200 video frames (at 30 frs/sec), so getting it down to 641 frames and 172 pages was a real challenge. I did two different covers, the first was a montage of screen shot from the trailer, the second was done using a desktop pic offered on Blizzard Enterainment's StarCraft 2 web site. I added some concept art and character info screens from the Official Blizzard StarCraft 2 site. (click on the image for larger view)

I tried to add some improvements to the video presentation, but I know there're not fully sucessful. My focus is a little soft, sorry (I think the auto focus gets confused by the page flipping. I'll try manual focus next time). I tried cut to tighter shots for the flipping action to give everyone a better look at that. Hope you liked it.

I'm going to send a couple of copies to Blizzard and see if I can produce them for all the StarCraft fans. As usual, your comment and suggestions are welcomed.

I did a second Dragonfly Flipz (Toon Flipz)this past week for another all time fan favorite preview trailer. But, I want to sent it to the creators company first to get their reaction, if possible, before posting it. Keep checking in, it's a knock out.

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Super Soaker - BFG - Revised

(Here's a post I start on Animation Nation board with added follow up)

"So, my kids drags me to Target to get themselves a video game and SuperSoaker.

Ooo-My-God!!! Here's the biggest water Blaster (gun?) I've ever seen! The AQUASHOCK HYDROBLITZ !!! It's BFG (Big F***ing Gun from the video game Doom) of SuperSoaker set. This brute is about 2 1/2 feet long and weights about 3 lbs, empty! It holds a gallon and a half of water!

AquaShock HydroBlitz (next to a 30" baseball bat)

(It's not one my son wanted, thank goodness - Whew)
I realize the water guns have advanced in the last ten years or so, but, you could put out a building fire with this thing.

But, five minutes after the leaving the store, I wanted one, just for the sheer silliness of it. It will make a great prop for the sci-fi short, "The Backyard Arms Race", (feel free to use the idea,guys),at least that what I'll tell my wife, when I buy it.

I'll keep you posted, and watch your back this summer, your kid might be behind you with this monster."

Well, since I posted the above, I did buy the Hydroblitz for my other son, who loves it. He took it to his little league team's end of the season pool party and all jaws dropped when he entered. A new level of water armament had been reached. They loved it! The kids had a "Blast" in more way than one.

Just for fun, I searched on youtube and find this video profile on the inventor of the Super Soaker, Lonnie Johnson, an Aerospace Engineer from Los Angeles, California. I think it's very inspiring, and plan to share it with my kids to show how a using your brain doesn't mean you can't do something fun. Note how long it took to get a company interested in making to his invention. There has to be a lot of former toy executives kicking themselves for passing on this idea.

Thank, Mr. Johnson, summer would not have been as much fun without your invention.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

StarCraft 2 Game Flipz Preview

This cool game trailer for the Starcraft 2 computer game was released last week or so. The original Starcraft is huge gaming favorite, especially in Korea where they have massive following, including TV coverage of tournament with big cash prizes. I had only play a demo of the first game, but I always liked the premise of the game. It's one of the few mega-game hits that are also available for the Mac. So, this weekend I picked up a box set, Starcraft - Battle Chest, which includes the original game and two expansion pack, and two strategy guides. A nice buy for only $9. So, now Starcraft will be added to my list unplayed or unfinished games, oh well.
Also Blizzard, the game developer, had some great trailers for their other other great game World of Warcraft.

Check out this this trailer:

Whats really cool is the Starcraft 2 trailer reminded me of my Warrior in the Mist "suiting up" sequence. I mean, both have naked (or near naked) guy getting dressed up in battle armor by machines. Keep in mine, my Warrior in the Mist was done way back in 1992, long before Starcraft was released. Of course their video is lightyears ahead of mine in quality, thats why I like it. But, just for comparison here's Part One of Warrior in the Mist.

I was so inspired by the Starcraft 2 trailer, I've started a Dragonfly Game Flipz book of it. Here's the first comic pages before the flip book action starts. I will have it finished in a week or so and post a movie of it. as always.
(Click on the image for larger view)


Thundercats Movie At Warner Bros.

It seems Warner Bros picked up a option for a live action Thundercats movie. The idea of animated series has been knocked around (I was actually tapped to be a director on one of the attempts that fell by the wayside). This will make a lot of TCats fans happy, but time will tell if it ever makes it to the big screen. If it does, maybe the animated series will rise again.

Thundercats Roar at WB -

Here's a live-action fan movie I just found on Youtube. It fun and well done.

I worked on the original Rankin/Bass series as Art director and secondary character designer, on the last thirty shows. I got to write two of the episodes, "Shadowmaster" and "Well of Doubt", (no...I don't get any money from the DVD's releases. So, don't ask!) I have some of the artwork on my website. Here's a couple of them below.

Thundercat still remains my favorite work experience. I'm happy to say I'm still in touch with the good friends I made at Rankin /Bass.

Thundercats HOO!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Women in Art

This interesting Youtube movie, "Women in Art", was send to me by a dear friend. She, and others, had some reservations about the lack of pictures featuring "women of color". Here's part of my reply: "I like it lot...I wouldn't get too blown out of shape about the lack of "woman of color" in the piece. I just enjoyed it at "face value" (...horrible pun, intended). If, it had be titled "Women in Western (or European) Art", it may not have received so much flack. In any case, it leaves the option open for other films to feature various other cultures and art. In instead of knocking the artist, who by viewing his other film, like "One World", seems to have his heart and mind in the right place, those who find the piece lacking should just... do their own film."

View it for yourself and enjoy

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Artist Link - Simon Rodgers

I added another link to the work of a very talented artist, Simon Rodgers. Simon is great background artist, and more, just check out his gallery on his blog.

We worked together at Warner Bros. awhile back. While there, we booth have comic art published in a Komikwerks anthology (published by Shannon Denton, who worked with us, also). I'm looking forward to seeing Simon's personal projects, especially his comic property, Lightspeed Delivery. It's a lot of fun.

Keep at it Simon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Afro Samurai DVD - Director's Cut - Box Art Gallery

I purchased the Afro Samurai - Director's Cut DVD set, this weekend. Only after I got it home did I realize it not being released until next week, tuesday, May 22. I've actually, just by plain dumb luck, have a mini-media scoop! ( can see the DVD set on the Afro Samurai web site.)

In any case, I haven't viewed the animation, yet (I'm looking forward to doing so, since I missed some of the later episodes), but the the packaging is just excellent.
The box is a heavy cardboard with a magnetic lock, printed on textured coated paper stock like a high quality hard back book. The interior of the fold out panels features original artwork by the Takashi Okazaki, Afro Samurai's creator.

Funimation Entertainment did a great job with this package. I have a Samurai 7 anime series DVD box set they did which include mini storyboard books. So, they really know how to present their releases.

Here's a couple of images of the cool Afro Samurai fold-out box. (Click on the images for larger views)

With the plastic type cover:

Minus the plastic type cover.

First fold-out cover:

Second fold-out cover:

Full fold-out package with merchandise catalog booklet, Funimation anime DVD release booklet and ad for the Sonny Chia "Shadow Warriors" TV series set.

Again this is a cool package, well worth picking up. But, be advised the content of the series is rated "Mature", definitely not for the kiddies.



In case you missed it here my Dragonfly Flipz Book (concept demo) of the "First Fight" sequence from Afro Samurai I posted on

Afro Samurai - Anime Flipz Book Movie

I hope to interest Funimation, SpikeTV and Gonzo in my Anime Flipz book for the next Afro Samurai series or other properties. Time will tell.

I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dragonfly Flipz Books - Top Ten

Wow, I just wanted to thank all the people who have watched and commented on my Dragonfly Flipz Book movies online. It really has inspired me to keep at it, making them, and trying to get them mass produced.

Any way, here's the my top ten list of my movies based on your viewings counts from (GT), (YT)and Combined (Total)

(Click on Image for Larger View)

1. 300 the Movie Anim. Flip Book - 6881 (GT) - 6099 (YT) - 12980 (Total)
2. Final Fantasy XIII Anim. Flip Book - 4685 (GT) - 7855 (YT) - 12540 (Total)
3. Killzone (2) Animated Flip Book - 5178 (GT) - 3090 (YT) - 8268 (Total)
5. Halo 3 Animated Flip Book - 1357 (GT) - 3301 (YT) - 5262 (Total)
4. Unreal 07 Animated Flip Book - 2417 (GT) - 1357 (YT) - 3774 (Total)
6. Killzone Liberation - Ad Edit GV - 1740 (GT only,not a flip book movie)
7. Star Gladiator Flip Book - 1610 (GT) - 157 (YT) - 1767 (Total)
8. Halo (2) Animated Flip Book - 1348 (GT) - 280 (YT) - 1628 (Total)
9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance Flip Book - 1003 (GT) - 380 (YT) - 1383 (Total)
10. Killzone Liberation Ad Edit - 727 (GT Only - not a flip book movie)

(I resisted the temptation to embed all ten video in this post, so you lazy guys will have to visit my User Movies pages on and to view them. Follow the links at the right)

For different reasons, my top three favorites are "Killzone 2", "Unreal 07", and "300 the Movie". The Killzone 2 Flipz book was the first I used my comic page / flip book page format which really opened up all kinds of possibities and uses for my flip books. The Unreal 07 flipz book is just such a cool, dynamic, trailer, the flip book just had to be made. The '300 the Movie" flip was again done because the trailer movie is so cool and I loved the Frank Miller comic (BTW - I keep forgetting to upload my Sin City Cinema Flipz book. I'll have to do that this week). My next favorites are Final Fantasy XIII and Marvel Utimate Alliance. The FFXIII flipz book was the first I introduced the art gallery pages in, which will now be a standard feature of my books. Meet the Robinson and Afro Samurai are my most ambitious as far as page count, 144 and 200 pages respectively.

Many GT viewers have asked about buying my books. Out of respect for creators of all these properties (I'll work in the creative arts (animation)and wouldn't want someone bootlegging my stuff. Plus, I wouldn't want to be sued by some like Sony), I'm not selling these on Ebay or privately ( I was offer $530.00 for Halo 3 Flipz book from a guy who saw it on Youtube, I declined). I'm still hoping to interest the game nad movie companies into letting me make and sell them. I've contacted several and I get some response but things seem to fall by the wayside.

So, I asking for your help. If you'd like to see your favorite game or movie trailers become flip books, write the game companies, Bungie, Square-Enix, Epic, Sony, Microsoft. and others. My Flipz book would be a great item for their online stores. Down the line, I'm open to talk about a royalty arrangement. I'd pay for for production, I just need the permission from the property owners for use of the trailer videos.

Thanks, again, for your support. No matter what, I'll keep making more Dragonfly Flipz books movies, if you keep watching them I promise.

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Links are back!

Finally, I restored the Links section. Be sure to check them out again, there are some interesting artists sites listed.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Magus Robot Fighter - Valiant Comic Promo

Here's another ancient item from my unseen art archives. It's something for all the Valiant Comic fans. This is Promo I did for a presentation to Valiant Comics, back in 1992(?).

Valiant Comic was a company started by Jim Shooter after leaving Marvel Comics. Valiant was a going great guns for awhile, then internal problems and a shift in the comic business cause it to crash and burn. It featured a good mix or updated chassic Gold Key Comic characters from the 1950's and '60's, like Magus the Robot Fighter, Doctor Solar, and Turok, Dinosaur Hunter and an interesting line-up of original properties, Eternal Warrior, X-O Man of War, Bloodshot, Harbingers and others. Turok actually have several video games made from it.

This short promo was done on an Amiga 2000 computer with the old Deluxe Paint animation program. The original art by Art Nichols (fist smashing through the robot head) was drawing from a Valiant party announcement. I added the beginning and inbetween action art and ending. It's crude by todays standards, but still fun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Missing Links?

You may have noticed my Links listing in missing. Plain truth is I deleted them by accident. I was trying to correct a bad link, but trashed the whole section instead. Not to worry I'll rebuild it soon.

More later.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bone and Rocketmen Game Flipz™ Book Movies

Finally, I got the chance to post some new Dragonfly Game Flipz Book movies, Rocketmen and Bone. Actually, both of the books were done over a year or so ago.

You can check them out at my Gamepad blog at

Here's the Rocketmen Game Flipz Book:

Here's the Bone Game Flipz Book:


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Minuteman - Capt. America's replacement.

I know that Captain America's flag draped body is not even cold in the ground yet, but in case they need a replacement, here's my Cap clone "Minuteman". He's named for the American Revolutionary War citizen fighters, and the mascot of my high school, Thomas Jefferson HS in Elizabeth, NJ.

I never came up with a origin for Minuteman maybe I'll get around to it one day. He's one of long list of original characters I need to update and get out there, somehow. I'll have to post them here, every now and then.