Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - Let the Holidays Begin - Bob Snieder

On this Sunday Music Muse Day, we started the morning with holiday music by Bob Sneider  The Merry Gentlemen, Christmas on the Rocks CD.  A local jazz talent and treasure, Bob playing guitar and ukulele, is joined by his equally talented brother, John Sneider, on trumpet and whistle on a nice assortment of seasonal favorites.  

Lisa and I are looking forward to seeing Bob and his trio at the Little Cafe on New Year's Eve, which has become a welcomed annual event for us.  Hope everyone comes to join us, and help see the year off on a high note.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - Lee Ritenour, Tal Farlow

This Sunday Music Muse Day will be a quick post.  I try to keep an open mind in my music listening, be sometimes, I must stay set in my ways.  So, concerning my first selection, Lee Ritenour Wes Bound, I was doubtful I'd enjoy this CD as, I haven't listened to a Ritenour record since his early vinyl albums, which I found too "smooth jazz" for my taste.  I respect him as a accomplished studio guitarist as a leader and sideman, but the over all smooth jazz production doesn't do it for me. I give a try for Wes Montgomery connection, but I think in comparison to Wes, it make my negative reaction strong.  I can't recommend this, UNLESS you like smooth jazz. You're welcomed to keep it next to your Kenny CDs.

I'm enjoying my second selection, Tal Farlow - Tal, I lot more than my first. I admit I may have first learned of Tal Farlow  from Guitar Player magazine in the 70s before actually seeking out his music, since he's major work was in the 1950s, of my childhood.  Tal is reissue of a classic 1958 trio release with bonus tracks of 1958 quartet recording added.  I just find this record more honest and clean,  

So, that's my spotlight for today. Enjoy.

Hump Day: Odds & Ends - Nescar Racers Toy and other items.

For last Hump Day: Odds & Ends. I’m started to dig into my basement again, so here's the start of organizing my NASCAR Racers TV series items. Here’s the loose toys, I’ll have to dig deeper to organize the art and design stuff.