Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Concrete Motion Comic and Goofy Gold Record Spot

The lazy, hazy, days of summer are over, so it time to post more stuff on youtube and my blog. First up, some old fun videos I find while moving some boxes around the basement.
Concrete Motion Comic

The Concrete Comic book / Video Adaptation (as I called it back then) is something I put together on my old Amiga computer. I figured I'd better dump it to digital file before the tape goes bad.
I pitched this to Paul Chadwick (who has copy of it on VHS) and Dark Horse long before they got into movies. I also used it for one of my Dragonfly Flipz books. I'd like to update and finish it, someday.

Goofy Gold is a old cheesy, novelty record spot I worked on back in the 1970's. Remember 8-Tracks cassettes!! It is funky, but still fun. Basically, I was just created animated scenes, site gags and lame jokes, to match the song clips. These were totally low, low, budget. But, they made tons of money for the record producer, not me. Leave a comment if you remember seeing this, or remember any of the songs.

In both them you see why I never sell myself as a true "animator", but they were fun making. I got other record spots to put up that are just as cheesy. they're good for laugh.