Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dragonfly Flipz Books - Top Ten

Wow, I just wanted to thank all the people who have watched and commented on my Dragonfly Flipz Book movies online. It really has inspired me to keep at it, making them, and trying to get them mass produced.

Any way, here's the my top ten list of my movies based on your viewings counts from (GT), (YT)and Combined (Total)

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1. 300 the Movie Anim. Flip Book - 6881 (GT) - 6099 (YT) - 12980 (Total)
2. Final Fantasy XIII Anim. Flip Book - 4685 (GT) - 7855 (YT) - 12540 (Total)
3. Killzone (2) Animated Flip Book - 5178 (GT) - 3090 (YT) - 8268 (Total)
5. Halo 3 Animated Flip Book - 1357 (GT) - 3301 (YT) - 5262 (Total)
4. Unreal 07 Animated Flip Book - 2417 (GT) - 1357 (YT) - 3774 (Total)
6. Killzone Liberation - Ad Edit GV - 1740 (GT only,not a flip book movie)
7. Star Gladiator Flip Book - 1610 (GT) - 157 (YT) - 1767 (Total)
8. Halo (2) Animated Flip Book - 1348 (GT) - 280 (YT) - 1628 (Total)
9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance Flip Book - 1003 (GT) - 380 (YT) - 1383 (Total)
10. Killzone Liberation Ad Edit - 727 (GT Only - not a flip book movie)

(I resisted the temptation to embed all ten video in this post, so you lazy guys will have to visit my User Movies pages on and to view them. Follow the links at the right)

For different reasons, my top three favorites are "Killzone 2", "Unreal 07", and "300 the Movie". The Killzone 2 Flipz book was the first I used my comic page / flip book page format which really opened up all kinds of possibities and uses for my flip books. The Unreal 07 flipz book is just such a cool, dynamic, trailer, the flip book just had to be made. The '300 the Movie" flip was again done because the trailer movie is so cool and I loved the Frank Miller comic (BTW - I keep forgetting to upload my Sin City Cinema Flipz book. I'll have to do that this week). My next favorites are Final Fantasy XIII and Marvel Utimate Alliance. The FFXIII flipz book was the first I introduced the art gallery pages in, which will now be a standard feature of my books. Meet the Robinson and Afro Samurai are my most ambitious as far as page count, 144 and 200 pages respectively.

Many GT viewers have asked about buying my books. Out of respect for creators of all these properties (I'll work in the creative arts (animation)and wouldn't want someone bootlegging my stuff. Plus, I wouldn't want to be sued by some like Sony), I'm not selling these on Ebay or privately ( I was offer $530.00 for Halo 3 Flipz book from a guy who saw it on Youtube, I declined). I'm still hoping to interest the game nad movie companies into letting me make and sell them. I've contacted several and I get some response but things seem to fall by the wayside.

So, I asking for your help. If you'd like to see your favorite game or movie trailers become flip books, write the game companies, Bungie, Square-Enix, Epic, Sony, Microsoft. and others. My Flipz book would be a great item for their online stores. Down the line, I'm open to talk about a royalty arrangement. I'd pay for for production, I just need the permission from the property owners for use of the trailer videos.

Thanks, again, for your support. No matter what, I'll keep making more Dragonfly Flipz books movies, if you keep watching them I promise.

I'll keep you posted.

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