Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Youtube Posts - Atalanta Children's Filmstrip and Molly Daring Magic Lantern Movie

I recently post two new movies to my Youtube site.  The first was another video of a children's filmstrip I illustrated in the 1970's and '80's, titled "Atalanta".   Atalanta is a Greek myth.  Before the big video revolution, this was the  AV stuff teachers used.  The best part is teacher turned off the room lights making it easier to nap through the program.  Enjoy.

The second is another video base on a set of Magic Lantern slide I found in the trash in the 1970's.  "Fare thee Well Molly Daring"  is an old song  I was lucky enough to finally find a recording of on the internet.

There is still one old song I'm looking for to cover the last remaining set of slides.   I'll be sure to share it when I found it.  In the mean time, enjoy.