Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Afro Samurai DVD - Director's Cut - Box Art Gallery

I purchased the Afro Samurai - Director's Cut DVD set, this weekend. Only after I got it home did I realize it not being released until next week, tuesday, May 22. I've actually, just by plain dumb luck, have a mini-media scoop! (Well...you can see the DVD set on the Afro Samurai web site.)

In any case, I haven't viewed the animation, yet (I'm looking forward to doing so, since I missed some of the later episodes), but the the packaging is just excellent.
The box is a heavy cardboard with a magnetic lock, printed on textured coated paper stock like a high quality hard back book. The interior of the fold out panels features original artwork by the Takashi Okazaki, Afro Samurai's creator.

Funimation Entertainment did a great job with this package. I have a Samurai 7 anime series DVD box set they did which include mini storyboard books. So, they really know how to present their releases.

Here's a couple of images of the cool Afro Samurai fold-out box. (Click on the images for larger views)

With the plastic type cover:

Minus the plastic type cover.

First fold-out cover:

Second fold-out cover:

Full fold-out package with merchandise catalog booklet, Funimation anime DVD release booklet and ad for the Sonny Chia "Shadow Warriors" TV series set.

Again this is a cool package, well worth picking up. But, be advised the content of the series is rated "Mature", definitely not for the kiddies.



In case you missed it here my Dragonfly Flipz Book (concept demo) of the "First Fight" sequence from Afro Samurai I posted on Gametrailors.com.

Afro Samurai - Anime Flipz Book Movie

I hope to interest Funimation, SpikeTV and Gonzo in my Anime Flipz book for the next Afro Samurai series or other properties. Time will tell.

I'll keep you posted.

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Jun said...

Hi Dennis,

Im Junyang from http://paperartgadgets.blogspot.com

First of all, nice job with the Flipz books, I absolutely adore novelty and concept toys. Amazing stuff that I would love to get my hands on. But I do understand why you have reservations about selling them, because of licensing issues. I face them myself.

I make model replicas of gaming consoles for gaming fans as and made them easily accessible in the form of paper art for fans to work on as DIY projects. You can visit my blog if you're interested in taking a look.

From what I understand, you can design characters and storyboards... And.. I'm looking for someone to help me with an original concept toy and it sounds like you're just the person, both in character in skills that can help me out.
Provided you are interested of course.

Yes, do drop me an email at summerson84@yahoo.com if you are keen to hear me out, we can correspond from there.