Sunday, August 27, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Pat Metheny, Yusef Lateef, John Stein, Philip Catherine and others,

It's been awhile since my last Sunday Music Muse Day post, due to a trip to Michigan (to sell the family cottage, so not a real vacation), and preparing for my retirement, which started last Friday, Aug 25.  In any case, the four CDs, presented here, were picked up at a record store, in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the way home. They're a mix of old and new in that two are CDs of vinyl albums I used to own, but were in my collection I sold last year.

First up. Pat Metheny Bright Size Life.  This is a Japanese CD release of his classic 1975 first album.  I just couldn't resist having a CD copy since it's an all-time favorite album of mine.  It belongs in every music lover's collection.  It still sounds as fresh and exciting as the year it was released.

Next, is Yusef Lateef Eastern Sounds, a remastered CD release of his classic album produced by legendary produce Rudy Van Gelder.  I must admit I originally liked this album for one tune, Love Theme from Spartacus.  I think I replayed that tune over hundreds of time.  (I even used it in a video tribute to Woody Strode, the great black action actor who have a classic duel to the death with Kirk Douglas in the beginning of the film) So, listening to this CD was almost hearing the others tunes for the first time.  My taste for classic jazz has improved over the years, so I can appreciate the whole album more, now. I'll be having it many listening to make up for lost time.

Next selection is titled Sleep My Love by Philip Catherine, Charlie Mariano, and Jasper van't Hof. Record in the 1978 and 1979, this is a group of Europe jazz musicians I came across in the association with others, like guitarist Catherine with Larry Coryell duet recordings. Saxophonist Mariano on several ECM records in the 70s.  Pianist Jasper van't Hoff on a classic album with Archie Shepp Mama Rose: Live in Concert. The last one maybe hard to find.  

Last, but not least, is John Stein Green Street. I just came across guitarist John music only in the past five years by picking one of his CD just for the cover art, and now I will buy any CD I see of him.  Green Street is re-release of an earlier organ trio session with bonus tracks.  Nice stuff.

With retiring from full time work, I hope to increase my artist creative output, and that includes more additions to my Warped Sky: Stray Clouds original music posts.  Yeah, you've been warned.  Enjoy.