Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Weather Report, Fred Hersch & Bill Frisell

This Sunday Music Muse Day marks the beginnings of this fall season.  It's feeling cooler and more leaves are starting to fall.  It's the perfect time to gather some good music CDs, like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter, to listen to this coming winter.  First up is Weather Report Live in London.  Curiously, this CD doesn't list the performance dates. The personal line up suggest a later version of the group.  Checking Wikipedia, it seems to fall in the years 1984-85.  I have to rate this as good, but not essential for Weather Report fans.

Next up is Fred Hersch + Bill Frisell Songs We Know. It's piano and guitar duet session with Hersch on piano and Frisell on guitar play a nice collection of classic jazz tunes, many considered standard.  The light of the music is just right for settling in with a warm drink and maybe a good book.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying the first days of fall.  Let's try to remain positive in the swirling chaos the seems to brewing.  I might help to find some music the block the noise of the world.  Peace.

Velocity - Sci-Fi Racing TV Series Concept

Velocity, by Creative Logik Universe, Al Lopez and John Bavaresco, CGI EFX guys. This video presents two pitch demo videos they produce in association with Dennis j. Woodyard (me) with Dragonfly Entertainment and some presentation art. Their credits include CGI work with Steven Spielberg's IMAX movies, Titanic and Aliens of the Deep, and much more. They also worked on a little known, but great showing show, Nascar Racer (the CGI racing scenes are head above the new Speed Racer TV series, at the time, in my humble opinion. But, I was the producer / director on Nascar Racers, so I may be bias). Enjoy.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Steward Copland, The Chrlie Byrd Trio

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds celebrating my 73rd birthday. (maybe I should stop counting them?). Really. I'm fine getting older, there's not much you can do about it. Beside there still is so much good music to discover. Let's start with Steward Copland Police Deranged For Orchestra.  As the title states, this is the music of the Police he rearranged and deconstructed to be preformed my orchestra.  The attended his live date near in Rochester, with the add bonus for seeing my friend guitarist Bob Snieder performing with Copland on stage. The Police may have been the last popular rock group I actually followed, and each member of the Police solo career projects after their breakup. This is a fun CD, But I hope he does a live release to include his humorous banter, and stories, he offers during the live set.

to be 

Next selection is The Charlie Byrd Trio Au Courant.  This 1997 recording session offer a nice mellow set that perfect for fall Sunday.  Not much to say but, it's to be enjoyed.

So, Thanks, again, to all my friend for the birthday wishes. 

War Machine - NIC Entertainment CGI Animation Test - 2008

This Iron Man War Machine animation test was done by NIC Entertainment in South Korea. It is from an old VHS a friend gave me years ago (2008?). If I remember correctly, he said in the done by the NIC company after they did computer graphic art for the U.S. War Machine trade paper book comic. I guess the computer was not ready for prime time. In the second video, I added panels from the trade paperback that match up with the video. I also, used a clip of the video for my Dragonfly Comic Flipz project just because it looked cool. Enjoy.

Preview - Gallery of my Screensaver Slideshow

Here's another preview video of the series I'll be adding to my Youtube, Videos of the images saved in my Screensaver Slideshow. I'm starting added any image the caught my eye posted on FB and elsewhere. After some my early saves, I tried to remember to save the artist credits. First up, is tribute Joe Pearson's War of the Worlds: Goliath. I'm a real fan of it. It deserves a place in the roster of War of Worlds film. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - John McLaughlin & Shakti, Detroit Rising

This first September Sunday Music Muse Day find me presenting two selection from two different ends of the music spectrum. First is Shakti This Moment, the CD celebrating the 50th anniversary tour of the legendary group featuring John McLaughlin, playing Indian inspired music. It makes me feel old to say I saw the original group, in NYC, on their first tour.  I had hoped to see a 50th tour date in Newark, NJ, in late August, but it wasn't possible.  So I have this CD to enjoy instead.

From the mystical sounds of Shakti we move to the opposite edge of the musical spectrum with the music of the Detroit Rising, A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure.  I have to admit, the cover art and graphics were the first draw.  It reminded me a little of the art of Android Jones.  The collective of musicians played with P-Funk, The Parliaments, Prince and Herbie Hancock, so if you like George Clinton and Funkadelics you might found this interesting. It definitely has the Jazz-Funk groove.  A little unfocused for my taste, but worth a listen.

So, with Labor Day, summer is over. Let look forward to good days again. 

Post retirement plans

Many friends are asking me what I plan to do now that I’ve entered retirement from the college library job. Well, as you see, I’m knocking around some ideas on how to keep busy.