Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Superman Flip Book Special Limited Edition EBay Auction Starts!

I have posted my Superman Toon Flipz™ Special Limited Edition on Ebay, today.
here's the link:

Superman Toon Flipz - EBay Auction

I'm sure there will be a couple of Superman fans who find them interesting. Also, they will be the first of my Dragonfly Flipz min-book for sale, anywhere. I'll sign and the date the inside cover.

Of course, I'm hoping to get some wider exposure for my Dragonfly Flipz books. Dragonfly Flipz™ is a innovative flip book format I developed to be allow me to adapt cartoons, trailers (or any video, animation, source for that matter) into an animated story flip book. These books, 3 1/2" x 5" and 96 to 200 pages in length, would be excellent promotional items or premiums and could be a build into a new revenue stream for media company, large or small. The small size ( 96 pages) allows them to fit in standard game and DVD cases.

I've posted my "Concept Demos" Dragonfly Flipz™ books videos as a fan or "User Films" on Gametrailers.com and youtube.com for over 9 months now. They have be well recieved from viewers. Many people already ask were they can buy them. Well, now your chance to own one.

(I hope to have a movie of the Superman Toon Flipz posted as soon as I fix a computer problem I'm having)

Thanks and enjoy.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Movie Post- Delayed, Sorry

Well, here's a "good news, bad news", situation. The bad news, I was unable to post my latest Killzone 2 (E3- 2007) flip book movie, due to a nagging computer problem, I'm still in the process of figuring out, so please be patient. I'll get it up as soon as possible.

The good news, as I was roaming the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con, on Friday, showing my Dragonfly Flipz Book samples to anyone who showed a interest (and some who didn't), I introduced myself to Geoff Keighley, who does the Game Head show for SpikeTV and airs on Gametrailers.com. I showed Geoff my Game Flipz books and he liked them. I explained to him I'm a GT member and have other movies posted there, and how well received they are the members. I give him my new Killzone 2 Game Flipz book and business card show to his producers. We'll see what happens. Thanks Geoff for your interest.

I'll be doing full blog post on my one day at the Comic Con, soon. There's a lot to tell.

Here a Game Head segment to see Goeff Keighley at work:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Superman Toon Flipz - Comic-Con Preview and Ebay Auction

I figure it time to pull out all the stops as far as getting my Dragonfly Flipz book project going, so I've come up with a promo item for the San Diego Comic-Con International happening next week. I wasn't expecting to still be in LA (I'm moving back East). But, as it turns out I will be able to make it down for at least one day, Friday (and maybe sunday, if needed). There are a lot company booths I want to hit, especially those that I've made sample Dragonfly Flipz Books of their projects, Square-Enix of Final Fantasy fame and Blizzard Entertainment for "StarCraft 2".

But to really cover my bases for the Comic-Con I've done a "Superman Toon Flipz - Special Limited Edition", Dragonfly Flipz book, an adaptation of the classic Max Fleischer Superman cartoon, "The Mechanical Monsters" from the 1940's. I mean who hasn't hear or seen "Superamn"?!!! This is limited to only 4 printed and hand assembled books They're 3 1/2 x 5" mini-books, 200 full color (high quality laser) pages, with a laminated cover. All the images in the flip book is from a Public Domain video downloaded from the Prelinger Archives and Internet archives . They have a large collection of PD stuff, they want people to use for free. I plan to sent them one of the books. One book, I plan to donate to the Comic Book Defense fund for their Comic-Con fund raising auction, if they'll accept it (I emailed them offering it, but have not heard back, yet). In anycase, I will put one up for auction on my Ebay store. I'll try to have small flyers to hand out as I walk the Comic-Con, and I'll ask friends with table to spread the word. I'll. of course be show the Superman and my other Flipz book to as many interest parties as I can, so keep an eye out for me.

My Superman Toon Flipz™ is a collector's item, truly one of a kind. But, when I was working on it I realized I would really be better as two books, so I wouldn't have to skip so much animated action, that I cover in comic book layout pages instead of flippiing pages to make it fit into a 200 page book (my max.size) So, I may make a small print run of a B&W version, just to make use of all the work I put into it, and do two book color version later.

Here's some Preview pages, below. (Click on images for larger views)

I'll post the book on Ebay this week and have the auction end a few days after the Comic-Con. I'll keep you posted.

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Preview - Part 3

Here another preview of the Killzone 2 (E3 - 2007). It' almost finish, I'm getting it printed tomorrow and should have a movie posted by wednesday. I had computer problem, I desktop program refused to batch convert my pages to PDF, so I had to do all 202 page one by one, that was a drag what normally takes 1O minutes, took three or so hours. But, it was still worth the effort. Here's a few more preview images.
(As always, click on the image for larger views)
Here's cover including the spine art.

Here's the bridge pages (last page on the first side (odd pages), and the first even page you when you flip the book over).

Actually the comic pages in the Preview Part 2 are no longer in the book, I had to revise the action, so that dialogue scene is now in the flipping action.

Here's an added extra I couldn't resist adding to the flip book. You might remember a post I did a while back calling for more Nerf or laser tag tie-in with FPS games, well, as I posted Halo is getting a Laser tag set this fall. In any case here my fake ad for Killzone Nerf dart blaster. The Nerf longshot is a real product, already. It just needs a cooler color scheme.

Soon, one of these toy companies, or softair BB, or even paintball marker makers will realize there's an market waiting to be tapped big time, for the tie-in items for older kids 12+. But, hell what do I know, I'm trying to sell paper flip books in a pocket, micro, wireless, video world. Well, you don't need a media player with a flip book.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Preview - Part 2

Here another sneak peek at the latest Game Flipz book, for Killzone 2, I'm working on. It's going to be a monster flip book. As I started three massive trailers were released, so I'm trying to include great action footage from each, and tell the narrative storyline of the clips. I, still hope to have it done by this friday so I can start work on preparations for the upcoming Comic Con.

Here's the Game Flipz pages. They are bridge scenes between the flipping action pages.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Killzone 2 (E3 -2007) Game Flipz Preview

E3, the gaming industrial mega "show and tell" event is being held in LA, this week. Unfortunately, for people like me, anyway, it's an invitation only affair, this year, to get out the "low lifes". (You think they meant...me, too?) But, the game sites, like Gamestrailers.com and 1up.com, are flooding the web with great media coverage. Still, I miss the hot booth babes, game sound effects and music blasted to volumes to make your ears bleed, enough strobing lights to cause epileptic fits in the dead, and the smell of sweaty geeks drooling over the games and booth babes, well...may not the "drolling geeks" part.

E3 also means tons of great game trailers that I want to turn into Dragonfly Game Flipz™ Books. First on the "MUST DO" list is the new trailer for Killzone 2 game. I did one Game Flipz book of the first trailer from last year's E3. So, I have to stay current and it looks great.

Here's preview of my Dragonfly Killzone E3-2007 Game Flipz™. They're the comic layout pages before the flip pages start. I hope to finish the whole book with a week. Check out the full trailer below then my Game Flipz™ pages.

(Click on image for larger view)

As always your comments are welcomed.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dragonfly E3 - Game Flipz Line Up

Here's my Dragonfly Game Flipz line-up for the 2007 E3...well...mock "line-up", if I was going. Okay, so I wasn't invited to this year "invitation only" premiere gaming event. So, here's some Game Flipz Books, I'd love to produce.
(Click on the pics for larger views)

Can you figure out which covers above are just mock ups? Check my youtube movies to see which ones I did sample books of. I'll adding more Game Flipz Covers, fake and real, soon.

Hopefully, next year I'll be invited to meet with...any body at E3. Actually, quite few of my Game Flipz books are floating around various game companies. Maybe if someone slip on or tripped over one,it would get noticed. No sweat, I'll just have to keep making them. The best is yet to come.