Sunday, July 16, 2023

Sundy Music Muse Day - Bill Bruford, Michiel Borstlap

This Sunday Music Muse Day shows how my random CD shopping something turn up more of the same.  In this case, more of Bill Bruford. First up, Bill Bruford's Earthworks Live - Stamping Ground.  Earthworks is the group the drummer formed after leaving King Crimson, and after his guitar based solo groups.  He stated it was a move to his more jazzy roots.  Definitely worth a listen. (I also loved this CD graphics)

My second is Bill Bruford & Michiel Borstlap In Two Minds, which could be considered a follow up to the CD by them, I featured last month.  This is live recording also.  They make an interesting drums and keyboard duo.

With so many suffering extreme hot weather or heavy rain, try to stay safe.  Enjoy some music when you get the chance.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day.

 I'm back after a two break from posting a Sunday Music Muse Day item, so not to compete with the CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival. Lisa and & I were part of it as street team volunteers for the Jazz 90.1 radio station booth.  My first selection for today's post was a feature act, Pat Metheny Dream Box.  I didn't get to see his performance this year.  This release is a solo effort of basic private recording idea between and during gig dates. I've included his inner notes. It's a nice intimate look into his creative process. Check them out.

My second selection was a pleasant surprise. The Charlie Byrd Trio I've Got the World on a String.  This is a remastered reissue of a session recorded and released in 1994, with Joe Byrd on bass, Chuck Redd on Drums, and Charlie Byrd on guitar and vocals.  Vocals? That surprised me because of all the CDs I have of legendary guitarist, I don't recall him singing.  Lisa commented that she immediately liked his singing.  Like I said, a pleasant surprise.

So, I hope everyone is enjoying our ever-changing summer weather.  Enjoy

Nickel City Comic Con & Empire Comic Fest 5

 The past two weekends I got chance to attend two local comic cons.  First was the Nickel City Comic Con in Buffalo, NY. I made a special trip to see Bob Camp, co creator of REN & Stimpy animated series. Bob and I were co-workers briefly for Rankin/Bass produces of Thundercats, Silverhawks and other classic show. I hadn’t seen Bob since the 80’s (?), but we have been in touch online.  I was great seeing him and his wife Michele.  Bob had some very funny stories about Ren and Stimpy.

Just yesterday I attended the Empire Comic Fest 5 at of love JCC here in Brighton NY (Rochester).  It was a smaller con, with several guests and vendors.  I mention to pick two books the caught my eye, but I actually looking to sell my collection , so buying more is not in my plans.