Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Superman Toon Flipz - Comic-Con Preview and Ebay Auction

I figure it time to pull out all the stops as far as getting my Dragonfly Flipz book project going, so I've come up with a promo item for the San Diego Comic-Con International happening next week. I wasn't expecting to still be in LA (I'm moving back East). But, as it turns out I will be able to make it down for at least one day, Friday (and maybe sunday, if needed). There are a lot company booths I want to hit, especially those that I've made sample Dragonfly Flipz Books of their projects, Square-Enix of Final Fantasy fame and Blizzard Entertainment for "StarCraft 2".

But to really cover my bases for the Comic-Con I've done a "Superman Toon Flipz - Special Limited Edition", Dragonfly Flipz book, an adaptation of the classic Max Fleischer Superman cartoon, "The Mechanical Monsters" from the 1940's. I mean who hasn't hear or seen "Superamn"?!!! This is limited to only 4 printed and hand assembled books They're 3 1/2 x 5" mini-books, 200 full color (high quality laser) pages, with a laminated cover. All the images in the flip book is from a Public Domain video downloaded from the Prelinger Archives and Internet archives . They have a large collection of PD stuff, they want people to use for free. I plan to sent them one of the books. One book, I plan to donate to the Comic Book Defense fund for their Comic-Con fund raising auction, if they'll accept it (I emailed them offering it, but have not heard back, yet). In anycase, I will put one up for auction on my Ebay store. I'll try to have small flyers to hand out as I walk the Comic-Con, and I'll ask friends with table to spread the word. I'll. of course be show the Superman and my other Flipz book to as many interest parties as I can, so keep an eye out for me.

My Superman Toon Flipz™ is a collector's item, truly one of a kind. But, when I was working on it I realized I would really be better as two books, so I wouldn't have to skip so much animated action, that I cover in comic book layout pages instead of flippiing pages to make it fit into a 200 page book (my max.size) So, I may make a small print run of a B&W version, just to make use of all the work I put into it, and do two book color version later.

Here's some Preview pages, below. (Click on images for larger views)

I'll post the book on Ebay this week and have the auction end a few days after the Comic-Con. I'll keep you posted.

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