Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - Ron Carter, Ron Carter and Jim Hall

This Sunday Music Muse Day is in tribute to the great Ron Carter, the legendary premier I actually jazz bassist. It actually started with airing of the movie documentary, Ron Carter Find the Right Note, on PBS. It was a great profile of Carter careers, offering revealing insight into a truly inspiring human being and genius musician. This film is a must-see for anyone interest in music and especially jazz fans.

I was thinking while watching the film, I'd like to hear whole versions of the music featured throughout it. Bop Shop Record had a copy of the soundtrack in their new release section, which I snapped up immediately.

Just by chance, I also came upon a another golden find, Ron Carter and Jim Hall Telepathy, this is a two disc CD set of two recordings of this stellar guitar/bass duo, Live at Village West (1984) and Telephone (1986), record live at the Concord Pavillion, August 1984.  These are intimate sessions, of subtle warm and interaction. They're a pleasure to the other Carter/Hall I have.

Again, I highly recommend seeing Ron Carter Finding the Right Notes film. It's very emotionally moving.  Enjoy.

Robobaby by David Wiesner

I was shopping in my local Ollies, a discount store. (Its slogan is "Good Stuff Cheap". You gonna love it.) I couldn't resist this wonderful looking children, Robobaby by David Wiener, award winning author and artist.  His book classic book Tuesday was a favorite on mine I loved sharing with my kids when they were small. Also, friends of mine made animation short of Tuesday years ago.  I did love to see animated version of Robobaby.

Here's the animated short by my friend Doros Evangelides, with assist by my friend Nina Bafaro.

Again, I love to see a animated version of Robobaby, maybe some friend still in the business should give it a look.

Inktober 2022 - Week 3 - Prompt #17 - 22

 Here's the Inktober drawings for week 3 prompts.

#17 - Salty.

#18 - Scrape. (The very next morning I had to scrape icy frost off my windshield, first time this season.)

#19 - Ponytail.

#20 - Bluff.

#21 - Bad Dog. (I took a break as it was Friday night, so I re-posted a drawing from 2019, which featured the character from the Bad Dog animation series I worked on.

#22 0 Heist.

One more week to go week. Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - Julian Lage, California Guitar Trio

The Sunday Music Muse Day finds me back into guitar-centric music.  First up, is the new release from Julian Lage View with a Room. It's tasty, subdued session, in that good way, with guitarist Bill Frisell added to the trio of Lage on guitar, Jorge Roeder on acoustic bass, and Dave King on drums. I think this CD will be spending a lot of time on my player.

My second selection was a leap of faith, as I liked the cover art, California Guitar Trio Pathways. This group is hard to categorize, it seems to come from music conservatory roots, with renditions of some well known classical pieces and modern compositions dropped in like Mason Williams "Classical Gas" and Dick Dale "Misirlou" used in the movie Pulp Fiction.  Lisa said it reminded her of the music played in the NYC Star Magic, a New Age gift shop. It's a worth giving it try.

A pleasant fall weekend comes to an end, but seek for and enjoyment of good music continues.

Inktober 2022 - Week 2 prompts #8 to #16.

 Here's the second week of art for the Inktober 2022 prompts.

#8 - Match.

#9 - Nest.

#19 - Crabby.

#11 - Eagle.

#12 - Forget.

#13 - Kind.

#14 - Empty.  I used my own song video, "Early Morning", for inspiration

#15 - Armadillo.

#16 - Fowl.

I'm still not liking the prompts too much, but I plan to stick with the challenge.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - Jade Warrior, Bruford.

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds me doing something I shouldn't do. Both selections are CDs of albums I had but no longer have because I sold my vinyl collection last year. In both cases, I liked the cover art too much to pass up, maybe even more than the music.  First up is Jade Warrior Way of the Sun. a progressive world music group, with the theme of this album focusing on Central and South America, as seen by the album art. The music is atmospheric and interesting, if you're in the right mood. I feel less guilty buying a CD copy since a cool mini-poster is included. (Actually, I was prompted to buy it when the CD popped up In a Bop Record Shop Facebook post.  I pass directly by Bop Shop on my way home from work every day)

Next up is Bruford Gradually Going Tornado, A 1979 release of the progressive rock fusion band led by drummer Bill Bruford of Yes and King Crimson, before his solo career and forming Earthworks.  This is another example of me liking the cover, and there are a couple of kickass tunes on the CD when you're in the mood for hard edge rock/fusion.

The cool days of fall has arrived, enjoy them and some good music.

Inktober 2022 - first weeks of prompts #1 - 7

 I'm committing ro doing Inktober 2022. It's the online artist event where artist post daily drawing from a common list of one word prompts.

Here'a my first week's group of drawings.

#1 - Gargoyle.  I have to do a Goliath for the Disney TV show, since I was co-producer/director on the show.

#2 - Scurry.

#3 Bat.

#4 Scallops.  Most people when with shell fish.

#5 Frame. 
#6 Bouquet.


So far I'm not feeling inspired by most the prompt, but I get working at it.