Friday, December 4, 2009

Kung Fu Panda Dragonfly Flipz Video Posted On Youtube

Here's the finished Kung Fu Panda Dragonfly Cinema Flipz™ videoI posted on Youtube.

The cool graphic style of the opening sequence was a real treat and helped make this one of my favorite animated films.  I thought the 2D animation would make a good flip book.  I think of it as a salute to the animation team who are credited on page 2 of the flip book.  I also included an art gallery of the ending credits.  I thought of doing a separate Dragonfly Flipz™ book of the credits but , maybe someday.  Since this is still a "Concept Demo" it is still not for sale ( I keep hoping get these in front of the right eyeballs).  But, I will be sending one to my friend, Cyrus Voris, who was the co-writer of the story.  As a animation geek, I think he'll like it, and I hope you do, too.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kung Fu Panda Dragonfly Flipz Preview

  It been a while since my last new Dragonfly Flipz™ Book.   I've been busy securing gainful employment and  I'm happy to say with I've had some success.  So, I'm hoping to get back to produce more Dragonfly Flipz™ book "Concept Demo" samples (not for sale, as always).

  Here's a preview of the next one, the Kung Fu Panda Cinema Flipz™.   I started this after the release of the film last year.   I wanted to do it as a tribute to my friend Cyrus Voris, who was one of the co-writer of the story, and the artists who worked the film.  But, after a couple of rejections of Dragonfly Flipz proposals for other properties, not Kung Fu Panda, I pulled back from doing Concept Demo books.  Now, I'm ready to give it another try.  I've got a couple of Dragonfly Flipz books started, several other flipz book ideas worth doing.

Click on the picture for an enlarged view of the first ten "comic book layout" pages and the first flip book page, and two art gallery pages.  I plan to finish printing the book this week and have a video posted on youtube by next week end.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Magus Robot Hunter Valiant Comics Party Flyer

  Back in April I posted a Dragonfly Flipz Book video on Youtube of a Valiant Comic Magus the Robot Fighter flip book I made form a unused video promo. I mentioned it was based on a Christmas party invitation Valiant had sent me. Well, I found it in my old files and thought I share it here. The original art by Art Nichols, one of Valiant's core artist.

You can click on the images for a supersized closeup.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Concrete Motion Comic and Goofy Gold Record Spot

The lazy, hazy, days of summer are over, so it time to post more stuff on youtube and my blog. First up, some old fun videos I find while moving some boxes around the basement.
Concrete Motion Comic

The Concrete Comic book / Video Adaptation (as I called it back then) is something I put together on my old Amiga computer. I figured I'd better dump it to digital file before the tape goes bad.
I pitched this to Paul Chadwick (who has copy of it on VHS) and Dark Horse long before they got into movies. I also used it for one of my Dragonfly Flipz books. I'd like to update and finish it, someday.

Goofy Gold is a old cheesy, novelty record spot I worked on back in the 1970's. Remember 8-Tracks cassettes!! It is funky, but still fun. Basically, I was just created animated scenes, site gags and lame jokes, to match the song clips. These were totally low, low, budget. But, they made tons of money for the record producer, not me. Leave a comment if you remember seeing this, or remember any of the songs.

In both them you see why I never sell myself as a true "animator", but they were fun making. I got other record spots to put up that are just as cheesy. they're good for laugh.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Demo Reel

Here is my animation Producer / Director Demo reel. Some what dated, but there is still some nice stuff in it. Gargoyles, and Thundercats have been released on DVD, but Ozzy and Drix, and Men in Black, have yet to be released. I'm especially fond of the Nascar Racers series. I still think it looks pretty good for it's time, and better than the new Speed Racer series. There was a lot of great CGI racing action in the show. I'll have pull some more clips to show. The series is now owned by Disney and I doubt if it will be released on DVD. (They have a property call "Cars", you know)

It nice to revisit these shows, but I look forward to moving on to my own projects.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Youtube Posts

Here a batch of new videos I posted this past week or so. They run the gambit from Dragonfly Flipz books to a special animator debut and showcase.

First up is the Alien Parade,- Part 1 - Web Flipz™ based on the animated CGI short of Den Beauvais, award winning Comic (Aliens), Fantasy and Video Game artist (Vanguard, Saga of Heroes). Den and I recently renewed our licensing agreement, so, I'll continue selling this, and making more Alien Parade flip books. This flip book is on my ebay store, Dragonfly Emporium.

Next up is my Dragonfly Web Flipz™ based on my movie of the American Presidents slide show on the White House web site ( This is a test printing, as such, the second side has some images out of order. I thinking of doing a four flip book set (if I can get permission to use the images from the slide show), with added featured when you group the book's back covers together. I'll post them soon.

The Magus, Robot Fighter flip book was something I found in my old art files. I made it from an promo video I did on my Amiga Computer with Deluxe Paint. If enough Valiant Comic fans show an interest in it and post a comment, maybe I'll do a free download version, since I don't know who owns the rights to Magus at this point.

Here's my Sound Sketch #4 - Just a Thought, A short piece I wrote on April 26, 1980 (I had the date written down on chord sheet) I imagined it as being the calm music piece to follow a hard rocking tune to end a live gig at a small club. Someday , I may get up the nerve to play at a open mike night at one of our local clubs or coffee house. Until then, I just share it here. Enjoy.

Last, but not least, is this debut animation by my 11 year son. In his words: "This is a film about a Giant Lobster that eats pig-stealing aliens, and there is a surprise at the end!!!" It was done one at the 2009 Brighton schools Festival of Ideas (stop-motion animation workshop). Keep in mind the class was only an hour long. Great job!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I pick up several DVDs this week. The Wonder Woman animated original movie, Immortal (Limted Edtion), the live action Sci-Fi movie base on the French graphic novel (amazing visuals), and the Watchmen - The Complete Motion Comic, containing all 12 episodes (an added bonus is a movie coupon for $7.50 off the admission price for the theatrial release. That makes it almost free in my area where the theater ticket is $8.00)

(Note - I haven't seen the movie yet and I've only gotten through the first episode of the motion comic)

I'll just write about the Watchmen DVD first. This is the collection of the shorts that were offered online. I only saw one episode, and not all the way through. So, I'm glad they released the this. "Motion Comic" is the "new" format being hyped my several companies. Us, old-timers, recognize them as updated versions of the first funky "Marvel Comic TV animation" from the 1960's. That said, this animatic style works really well for telling the Watchmen story. It's success, in my opinion, has to with the great Dave Gibbons artwork. Also the audio presentation is more like a audio book, one narrator, doing all the voices. I'm enjoying this limited animation version very much. Today's graphic/video editing technology has may the type of animation very appropriate for the right project. It will be interesting to see this "Motion Comic" concept develop.

Another great example of the style, actually pre-dates the Watchmen stuff. (I mentioned this before) It is the Metal Gear Solid - Digital Graphic Novel released for the PSP Playstation Portable in 2006. It adapts IDW Publishing MGS comics with artwork my Ashley Wood but it was only release for UMD, PSP format only. Sony would be wise to dump it to DVD and Blu-Ray. You could probably download it from the Playstation Network, but a hard copy wouldn't hurt.

By the way, this is a format I proposed to Dark Horse and Valiant Comic back in 1990's and I used for my own Warrior in the Mist Comic/Video/flip book project. I called it Comic Book/ Video Adaptations. Okay, that tagline is a little long winded. Magus Robot Hunter Promo, Dr. Solar Valiant Promo, Paul Chadwick's Concrete Comix Flipz, and are all samples of my Comic / Video Adaptation concept. Look like early "Motion Comics" to me.

Looking back, I'm starting to think I'm a neither a f**kin' genius, ahead of his time, or the worse salesman ever. I can only hope my Dragonfly Flipz book format take off, under my stewardship and not ten year down by somebody else, with "new" name. Such is creative life.

The Wonder Woman DVD leaves me with mixed feelings. It's a solid presentation on par with the Superman and Justice League: New Frontier DVDs. I won't go into the full back story here. You can go to DC / Warners Bros. official web site for that. The PG-13 rating not withstanding, it still comes off rather tame for the subject matter. The staging of the battle scenes are good, but missing convincing punch even for animation. There plenty of sword play, but the lack of blood letting is oddly apparent. Looks like they self-censored themselves too, much. The style's TV animation roots are plainly visible, and that may be the root of the problem, for me. I'm a little tire of seeing this super hero styling. In stark contrast, check out HIghlander: The search for Vengeance, directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri produce by Manga Video (part of Starz Media), Both stories have simuliar elements, flashbacks, big battle scenes, but the action scenes in the Highlander DVD are amazing. So, if I have to rate it, I'd give the Wonder Woman DVD a B-.

The Immortal DVD is another beast, altogether. It is a amazing blend of CGI animtion and live action and total blend. Live actor and CGI characters populate this visually rich adaptation of the graphic novels by director Enki Bilal, "The Carnival of the Immortals and the "The Woman Trap" Les Humanoides Asscies. Here's the story line (From the back cover text) "New York City, year 2095. A floting pyramid has emerged u in the skies above Manhattan, inhabited by ancient Egyptian Gods. The have cast judgement down on upon Horus (a falcon headed god), one of their own. With only seven days to preserve his immortality, he must find a human to inhabit, and search for a mate." That just scratches the surface of this stunning film. I remember seeing his work in the U.S. editions of the Heavy Metal Magazine and hardcover graphic novels. Thisis great stuff, but definitely for a mature audience, in a good way. In checking the, Enki Bilal has several other films to his credit. I'll be sure check those out some time.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Black History Month - Heroes of the Negro Leagues

As the National Black History Month draw to end, I like to sneak this last thought in. I was trolling the racks of Barnes and Noble last week and the cover of this book jumped up at me. Not, as you would think, because I'm a baseball fan, (really I'm not) No, it was because the artwork was done by a friend of mine, Mark Chiarello. The book, Heroes of the Negro Leagues is based on a series of trading cards Mark did back in the 1990's for the Eclipse Comics publisher. The series was called Stars of the Negro Leagues, with 36 painted cards with text by Jack Morelli. Mark had given me set, and I still have it close at hand in my studio after all these years. Mark is currently a award winning editor/art director at DC Comics with a list of accomplishment too lengthy to go into here.

This is great little book, especially for Black History Month, not to mention the start of the Major League Baseball's spring training. Mark's watercolors is wonderful and fits the subject perfectly. Jack Morelli's text is very illuminating. As he wrote the introduction for card set, "These cards pay tribute to these men. They are baseball's hidden heroes". I hope this book reaches a wider audience. I'm recommending to the librarians I work with. I'm putting it on my gift-giving list for sure. A special bonus, the DVD documentary "Only the ball was White", produce by WTTW/Chicago, a PBS station, is included with the book.
Thanks, Mark, and Jack, you made my day, and Black History Month a little brighter.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Killzone 2 War. Perfected. Game Flipz Book

Here's my Dragonfly Game Flipz book of new Killzone 2 TV spot.

To celebrate the release of Killzone 2, I've posted a FREE DOWNLOAD of my Dragonfly Game Flipz book based on the excellent Killzone: War. Perfected. TV commercial. Here is a chance for Killzone fans (and all gamers) who said they wanted one to have a Dragonfly Game Flipz, to get one. So, pass the word to friends and Killzone fan sites.
Just go to my website,, and click on the cover image in the upper left hand corner to download the PDF file. Read the instruction on the 11th and 12th page. Basically print it out and assemble it. As a bonus, I've included a choice of ISA, or Helghast cover art.

The video shows a test printing and it has some mistakes the will be fixed, but I couldn't resist posting this now, with the Killzone 2 game being released Friday, Feb.27. I just picked up the Brady Games Killzone 2 game guide book from my local GameStop. My Dragonfly Game Flipz books would have been a nice bonus for pre-order customers, but I quess it wasn't meant to be. This Killzone Game Flipz joins the Halo Flame Thrower Game Flipz book as a free download. I may do more from time to time, my main focus will turn tomy own projects. Look for them soon.

If, you have any problems making the flip book, leave a comment on the video page. Let me know what you think.

It is ironic that I won't be playing Killzone 2, because I don't have a PS3, yet. But, when I do watch your back, I'll have you in my gunsites.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lincoln 200th Anniversary Birthday Tribute

Here is a video tribute to Abe Lincoln on the 200th anniversary of his birth.

This video came together very quickly and mostly by happy accidents. The wonderful illustrated book was just pull from storage because of our current move. It was picked up after being disgarded by my kid school in California. No bad intentions, just part of the annual weeding of old book to make room for new ones. For me, one look at the interior paintings by James Daugherty and I just had to save it. Unfortunately, the dust cover was long gone. With the elect of President Obama, and with all the comparisons to, and his fondness for Lincoln. I thought the illustrations would make a good video. The narration track by Jeff Daniels is from a youtube video ( I'll post this as to response to to). My first plan was to just video my turning of the book pages to the Daniels narration track. But, in searching on the web to see if a good shot of the missing cover existed, I found the beautiful full-frame images of the painting on The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives web site. So, I decide to use them for main body of the video. The intro and ending music is by Bill Frisell, a very fine guitarist. The sound tracks are from two songs "Jimmy Carter (Part 1) and (Part 2), named for the former president, how timely. Since I work part-time in a public library, this book themed video is a real treat. I hope you enjoy it, and share it with friends, family, and teachers.

Best regards, and happy birthday, Abe.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dragonfly Flipz Indie Aritst Preview Showcase

Here's several Dragonfly Flipz Preview Showcase of Flip book base on independent artist, creator-owned projects.

These flip books were done very early in the development of my Dragonfly Flipz book concept. I plan, with artists' permission, to make these available as DIY (Do It Yourself) flip book downloads for a small fee. In addition, I plan to revise and expand these into Dragonfly Flipz Mini-books. I just designed and produced the flip books. All the artwork was done creators.
Cyberella, by Don Cameron, is base on a animatic Don did. Cyberella was co-created by comic legend Howard Chaykin. It was a comic series for DC Comics Helix imprint (discontinued). I'm try to get Don to do more with Cyberella. Don latest work as CGI animation backgound art design on the DEAD SPACE Animated DVD.
Yojimbo 4, by Dell Barras, talent artist with ton of experience in the animation field, earning a Emmy nomination for Animation Direction. Yojimbo 4 flip book is a a few scene for flash short Dell sent to me.
Cat Burglar, by artist / animator Steward Lee is base on a animated short. It's actually part 1 of 2. But, the 2nd part is only in pencil test form. Steward is also a great comic book artist.
Velocity, by Creative Logik Universe, Al Lopez and John Bavaresco, CGI EFX guys. Their credits include CGI work with Steven Spielberg's IMAX movies, Titanic and Aliens of the Deep. The y also work on a little know, but great showing show, Nascar Racer (the CGI racing scene are head above the new Speed racer TV series, in my humble opinion. But, I was the producer / director on Nascar Racers, so I may be bias) Velocity is still looking for a creative home. Check their link on my site.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Public Libraries at Risk?!!

Here a distressing item I read in USA Today:
US Libraries on Borrowed Time?

I confess I didn't use the library as much as I should have, in the recent past. My wife made regular use of it for herself, and for the kid's books. But I alway held a fondness for the library. I used the library as a poor kid as place to do my homework, and explore the world through books. When I first started my freelance art career, the New York Public Library was where I got books and pictures references for assignments, way before the web came into being.

I now work part-time at the local branch and it feels like "I've come home", again. It's a perfect fit for all my interests, art, music, technology, etc. In the current depressing climate, the library is a great asset to the community. Free loan of books, movies, DVDs, free computer access, and much more. This is a cornerstone of Amercian life started by one of our founding fathers, Ben Franklin. To think this grand asset would be left to fade away due to lack of funds in a horrible thought.

Like a lot of public services deemed a low priority by small minded politicians, library budgets are being slashed incredibly, and private contributions are falling. They are operating on shoe-string budgets, which force cutbacks in much needed patron services and staffing needs. Librarians, like teachers are not highly paid, but they should be. A lot of the library service staff are part-time, ranging from college students to old farts, like me. Many positions, and tasks, are filled, and done, by volunteers of all ages, especially senior citizens. This is truly a community staffed and run local operation.

So, support your local library. With money, or your time. Next time you're looking for that hot best seller, skip Barnes and Noble, and Borders, and head to the library. Think of it as a form of going "Green", in a way. You get to read the book, it you like it, you can still buy it later. Return it to the library and someone else gets to use it (can this be considered recycling?) Less trees have to be cut down for less books produced wastefully. Plus, libraries have great book sales. My library, Brighton Memorial Library of Rochester, New York, has a bookstore run by the Friends of BML, a non-profit patron group who help fund various library activities. New hardback books can be purchased for $3 to $4, tops. (I picked up a $30 oversized hardback copy of Frank Miller's "300" graphic novel for $3.00) A lot of the books are patron donations and in excellent condition. Need a DVD for the weekend, try the library. It's faster that Netflix (unless you use the download service, but still cheaper). I urge everyone to consider volunteering your time, and creative talent, to your public library. Donate your unwanted books, DVDs (hold on the VHS there being fazed out, and they take up a lot of space), music CDs, and spoken word CDs to the library. Some will be added to library circulating collection, or offered for sale with the proceeds going to the library. These are just a few thoughts on subject. You won't regret it.

For the record, I like the Borders, and Barnes and Noble, book stores, but at the end of the day you're a "customer" to them. At the public library you're a "patron".

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Beginning - Tribute to President Obama

Here a my video inspired by the Inauguration for President Barack Obama. When I realized my next youtube video would be my 50th video post, a personal milestone, in a way, I wanted to do something special. The Inauguration proved to be the perfect subject.
It a simple video, just a re-edit of the Presidents Slideshow on the White House web site set to the music played at the event. But I think you'll agree, this is new day, a "New Beginning", not just for Barack Obama, but for all of us. As I watched CNN that morning, even before the swearing in, it was the comments of the people in the gathering crowd that give me the most warmth and inspiration. Plain Americans from all walks of life who wanted to be there, to share in this historic moment.
So, here my humble attempt share the good spirit, and hope, for better days to come. Please share this with all your friends, and family members.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Music Muse Day - More Or Les

In keeping with my Music Muse Sunday efforts, here's a original tune, "More or Les", my third Sound Sketch just posted on youtube.

The "Les" in the title refers to a old friend of Les Bernstein, not Les Paul the great guitar player, and father (inventor) of the solid body electric guitar, although it could be dedicated to him, also. This jazzy tune was inspired my a jam session I have with Les (B.) when we work together at animation company back in late '70s. Les was a much better guitar player than I was, at the time. But it was fun trying to keep up with him. Les is now a independent film producer/director. I hope he still plays. I'm working on some lyrics for this tune and longer version with a break for solos. Check back for it.

I'm getting braver about posting my music and showcasing my guitar play, as limited as it is. Next up,...a vocal. There one thing youth and old age share is a sense of fearlessness. Youth because they're too dumb to know better, and old people because they just do care. Besides, it been said there's no fool, like an old fool. Enjoy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sam Woodyard - Jazz Drummer (Jan. 7, 1925 - Sept. 20, 1988)

Duke Ellington - The Shepherd

Here's my annual tribute to my dad. The late, great Sam Woodyard. Here's clip I found on youtube with Sam playing in a trio setting with Duke Ellington, in a sculpture garden Of Miro pieces. He was well known for his brush work on drums. I don't think you hear that style of drumming much today. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Killzone 2 Game Flipz Books Retrospective

Here's my Dragonfly Flipz Book Killzone 2 Game Flipz books Retrospective. (All unreleased and Concept Demos, not for sale) Really, it's just a chance to make HD versions for better viewing.) I shoot this as a way to give a better sense of how you would read a Dragonfly Flipz book. You can think of as a Dragonfly Flipz introduction and "how to read"tutorial. I get many people viewing who don't quite get the Dragonfly Flipz comic book page / multi-panel flip book concept. I kept the repeating soundtrack, which is from a later Killzone 2 trailer, simple for that reason. I want this to be closer to the true book experience. I think of my Dragonfly Flipz Mini-Books as a new graphic novel, comic book, and story book format. I plan to develop them for movie tie-in books (like for Transformer, Batman, etc), and education titles (like a Space Shuttle launch, or Mars Landing). I considering trying doing a Dragonfly of a feature length movie of like the original King Kong or maybe the recent Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Time will tell. For now, enjoy.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Confession of an Accumulator

"Now it's the day after Christmas and my clock is in the red"
(lyric from the song, Love Waits by Richard Miceli - Warped Sky Band -'80)

I hope everyone had a wonderful, peaceful, holiday season.
But, I'm glad the annual, massive, rush to buy and get new stuff, that started in mid-November, has finally ended. Don't get me wrong. I love the whole Christmas and Happy Holiday season. I love giving presents, more than receiving them...really. But, as I'm still in the middle of settling in after moving to a new house. Emptying our storage space, I realized I have lot of "STUFF"! Like a lot of artist / animation nerds my age (late 50's) I have loads of comics, books, paperback books, vinyl records (yes, 12" records), toys, posters, and oddball stuff that hard to label. This is not to mention the stack old personal art work stored in old portfolios, from teen years to the present, and old artwork, VHS tapes, and saved materials from the TV shows, and other projects, I worked on. So, at this stage in my life I realize I'm not a collector, of anything (I never was really), I'm a ACCUMULATOR of STUFF! Some personal, have professional, mostly fun, and more just plain odd. I've started weeding out stuff when I moved recently. But, a lot of old stuff actually traveled from east coast, to west coast, and back again, just because I couldn't throw it away. Enough is enough!

The line " clock is in the red", alway stuck with me. It seems to say how can you move forward when your dragging that old stuff behind you. So, I'm going to start getting rid of stuff. Some it will end up on Ebay, as part of the world greatest garage sale (hopely to pay for new updated stuff, like a new computer, HD TV and PS3, if I'm lucky). Other items will be in the family's spring garage sale. And, lastly some will end up in the garbage. But go it will. I don't intent to end up like those people who die and are found among floor to ceiling piles of old newspapers and magazines. I plan to at least clear spot so I can fall to the floor. (Also, my sweet wife assures me she'll have no second thoughts about dumping all of my stuff in the trash. She's not a pack-rat like me, by any means)

So, if you so inclined check my ebay store, Dragonfly Emporium page from time to time, you might pick up a cool item or two.

Happy New Year, everyone.