Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Music Muse Day - Jaco Pastorius, John Scofield and Mark-Anthony Turnage

Sorry, I've been a little lacks in Sunday Music Muse Day posts. I blame it on the winter blues.  But, to get back in the groove, here is Jaco Pastorius, Truth, Liberty & Soul, an historical 2 CD set recorded live in NYC in1982.  This excellent release by Resonance Record of this Jaco's World of Mouth Big Band hold special meaning to me, as I have a copy of radio broadcast  I made at the time, and saved all these years.  Of course, Jaco Pastorius in well known as the amazing bassist for Weather Report, as well as leading his World of Mouth Big Band.  I think of him as the "Jimi Hendrix" of electric bass. Unfortunately. like Hendrix, his light bright and, extinguished too short.  But the glow of their genius still shines. I'm glad I finally got this CD set.

Next up is a interesting CD from jazz guitarist, John Scofield and classial composer Mark-Anthony Turnage. As describes on the All Music website. "Scorched is an extended suite of large-scale reconceptions of guitarist John Scofield's jazz compositions, scored for big band, symphony orchestra, and guitar trio."   The liner notes states the title denotes "SCofield ORCHestratED".  All Music give it 4/5 star rating, and from my first listen I have to agree.

It's good to be back on track.  Enjoy.

In Celebration of the Black Panther movie - Ultimate Avenger 2 DVD storyboards

To celebrate the opening of the Black Panther movie. Here's my brief connection to the character as a storyboard artist on the Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther (2006) DVD movie.
Here is one of the sequences with the Black Panther.

 Here the DVD clip.
 Looking forward to seeing the Black Panther movie.  It's looking to me a milestone in action movies, and beyond.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Music Muse day - Pat Martino, Matthew Stevens, Bob Wijnen, Anthon Wilson

Today's Sunday Music Muse Day falls on Super Bowl Sunday.  What better way to fill the time before the BIg Game, than to listen to good music.

First up is Pat Martino Formidable, the latest release from the jazz guitar legend.  His music is amazing as ever and totally inspiring when you consider the tragedy of his brain injury, resulting in him having to learn to guitar all over again.  I remarkable story, and man.

As side note, I just joined a Facebook group Play Jazz Guitar and they are featuring learning to play the tune Sunny, which Martino's version is well known to all jazz lover.

The next selection of young players fairly to me. Matthew Stevens Woodwork is a CD by a young guitarist I read about in an article on a jazz site and look him up on youtude.  The video was of two tunes on this CD, Ashes (one and two). I like the tunes and feel the live youtube version, which combines the two parts into one take is the better version Hopefully he'll release it on a future CD.

Next is Bob Wijnen NYC Unforeseen, a quartet by the young pianist, featuring Peter Bernstein on guitar, Dezron Douglas on Bass, and Billy Drummond on drums.  Bernstein and Drummond I've heard of, the other players are new to me.  But I like group, and it good to try new groups.

Last is Anthony Wilson Goat Hill Junket, a young guitarist fronting a large ensemble offering a nice energetic mix of jazz standard tunes and originals by Wilson.

All in all, a nice group of CDs for pre-game entertainment.  Enjoy.