Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Music Muse Bob Snieder - The Merry Gentlemen

This Sunday Music Muse Day marks the our putting up the Holiday Tree.  Unfortunately, I had to cancel plans to see Bob Snieder playing at the Bop Shop featuring his The Merry Gentlemen: Christmas on the Rocks CD.  (Sorry Bob). If it's any conciliation I already bought the CD last week and I'm playing it as I write this.

The Merry Gentleman will be a great addition to our family Holiday Season soundtrack.  I'll features more of them next week, as my sons aren't home from college yet. The tree will be unadorned until then, but we have the music of The Merry Gentleman to light up our spirits.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday Music Muse Day - John Nyerges, Gerry Mulligan Quartet

Again, this Sunday Music Muse Day finds us continuing our countdown to Holiday's big events.  Here's some good tunes counter the onslaught of holiday music.  First up is John Nyerges Jazz, Pictures and Poems.  I admit pianist Nyerges is new to me, but his sidemen on this 2007 session included  Rich Thompson (drums), Clay Jenkins (trumpet) and Jeff Campbell (bass) who make up the group Trio East, who I've featured many times before.  It's nice to hear them in solid support of Nyerges's originals.

Next up is an another Gerry Mulligan find, Gerry Mulligan with Chet Baker  Reunion.  This is an interesting collection of mono recorded tracks, and alternate takes, from the 1950s and 60's. You can't go wrong with Mulligan and Baker in any format.

Next week, we plan to get the Christmas tree, so I expect I'll post some holiday music favorites. Still enjoy.

Robot Sunday - 12-9-2018

Robot Sunday. Confession, she didn't start as a Robot the the first sketch was so lifeless, making her a robot was a better option.
R3Bop makes a third appearance in the background.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sunday Music Muse Day - Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan

As we enter the month of  December, this Sunday Music Muse Day finds us gearing up for the holiday season. Christmas specials and classic cartoons are popping up on the TV.  But I'll hold off on my Christmas music selection until the last minute, like I do with my shopping. In the meantime, here's some classic Miles Davis Bags Groove, a stellar collection recorded for Prestige Records in 1954 with several giants of jazz.  With two versions of the title tune recorded on December 24, Christmas Eve, you could think of this CD as an early Christmas treat.

My second selection is also a player who made his mark the 1950s but continued living and playing into the 1990s.  Gerry Mulligan Lonesome Boulevard, was record in 1989, seven years before he died in 1996 at age 69.  I've been picking up more of the Baritone saxophonist's music the past year, as in many ways I prefer the sound of the baritone sax over the alto sax that dominates and defines much of jazz.  Maybe I'm just mellowing in my old age.

Onward to the holidays, and when thinking of gift for family and friends, the gift of good music, is the gift that keep giving.  Enjoy.

Robot Sunday 12-2-2018

Here's my Robot Sunday pic. I've developed last week's design further. I've named it "B3BOP" (Bebop) and realized I channeled Tom Servo from MTS3K, and Vincent from Disney's Black Hole.