Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - John Abercrombie , Miroslav Vitous.

This Sunday's Music Muse Day finds us waiting for a possible snow storm tomorrow after several days of single digit temperatures.  Also the TV is filled with NFL playoff games.  I've cut back on watching football games since my son finished playing college football. So, I'll just spent some time with these ECM releases. First up, John Abercrombie November, a tasty outing with Marc Johnson on Base, Peter Erskine on drums, and John Surman on saxophones. This is full of quiet intensity that's trademark of John Abercrombie playing and ECM releases.

Next up is Miroslav Vitous Group, artist and title. There are two common conections,  John Surman plays on this session, also, and bassist Miroslav Vitous and drummer Peter Ershine were members of the Weather Report, the pioneering Jazz Fusion group. Vitous was actually a founding member who left when he thought the band was moving away from its more avant garde jazz roots. His replacement was Jaco Pastorius. This is one of his solo efforts, showing he still had lots to offer in his own right.

Although there is a possiblity of 6 to 10 inches of snow, I'm not too concerned since I have tomorrow off for MLK Day.  More time reflect on King's legacy, and enjoy more music.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - Larry Coryell, Matthew Stevens

This Sunday Music Muse day find us enjoying  chilly winter day, where a light snowfall has melted away in the past 24 hours, but it's still our usual overcast day.  Just the thing for some afternoon tunes. First up, Larry Coryel Tricyles. A single line on the cover of this 2021 release states, "Deluxe Edition: The Compete Session ReMixed & Re-Mastered from the Original Recordings" of a trio session recorded in 2002 in Germany, and remixed in 2021. 

My next selection is Matthew Stevens Pittsburgh.  This is a solo session by the young guitarist who recently was touring with Esperanza Spalding before the pandemic lockout.  This session was recorded during the Covid lockdown.  It's an interesting set, but clocking in at about 32 minutes it's very short by modern CD standards.  Here's hoping for longer CD in the future.

Now, to setlle in with a warm afternoon drink, and more music.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

Postscript: Carbon & Silicon, Shangri-La By Mathieu Bablet

I finished reading the Silicon & Carbon. and Shangri-La, the graphic novels by Mathieu Bablet.   They are immersive and thought provoking.  I'd glad I took a leap of faith and supported the Kickstarter project the published them. 

I really hadn't known of Mathiew Bablet work. and at first impression his character design has a European style I associate with art I saw in Heavy Metal Magazine in the 70s and 80s. The facial design was so what crude, but a came to like it. What was really impressive is this mechanical and architectual drawings of the world he built for his story. If you like the Matrix films, Carbon & Silicon, especially is worth reading.

I highly recommend them both.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - Kamasi Washington, Jim Hall

Happy New Year to everyone, again.  It's shaping up to be a importent and maybe politically turbulent year, for the country, so lets start off with some good music.  First up is Kamasi Washington The Epic his three disc debut released in 2015 to wide critical acclaim.  There is plenty to explore in the set and this time he didn't hide the third CD like he did with his second three CD release. This is a selection well worth a deep dive in listening.

My second selection maybe a little more easily accessible, Jim Hall Youkali is interesting session that feature the playing of late trumpet legend Chet Baker, on tracks produced and recorded by Rudy Van Gelder with Jim Hall and a rhythm section.  This might feel a little overproduced for my taste sometimes, but still worh a listen.

All in all a good musicial start to the year.  I hope you find time to more music this coming year. Enjoy.

Robot Sunday - Jan.2, 2022 - Carbon & Silicon, Shangri-La Graphic Novel Kickstater Package.

Happy New Year, and lets start of with a Robot Sunday post.  This is my answer to the question, "what did you do during last year's pandemic?"  It seems I donated to several Kickstarter projects I sort of lost track of, and this is one of them.  The Carbon & Silcon, Shangri-La graphic novels, by artist Mathieu Bablet,  hardbound books in a slipcase, and additional goodies including two mini-posters, a flip-book (two-way) production sketchbook, art stickers, a metal robot head pin, two-sided  engraved metal coin, and signed book place.

I remember seeing this Kickstarter project and being interested in the Heavy Metal  Magazine tye art and content.  I actually forgot we package I finally settled on.  It's really is impressive. The quality printed books arre over 200+ page each with gold edged pages.

I'm going to have a good time digesting graphic novel package. Plus, there are still a couple of Kickstarter projects heading my way this year, two complicated sci-fi/fantasy board games, another Steve Rude oversized book, a comic themed card game, a guitar instruction book featuring Bob Sneider, and an indie documentary video on guitarist John Scofield. Hey, just doing my part ti boost the economy, right?