Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Andy Summers

It has been on personally emotional week, and freezing cold one, weather wise, so I'm using two Andy Summers  CDs to warm me spiritually. First is a release that popped up in my Facebook feed, Andy Summers Harmonic of the Night.  This is a soundtrack he produced to accompany a retrospective exhibition of his photography, held in Pavillon Populaire in Montpellier, France, in 2019. The music is spacey and atmospheric, reminding me of some of the albums he did with Robert Fripp, also the introspective soundscapes that Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal recorded for ECM Records. 

My second selection, Andy Summers Triboluminescence find Andy of various instruments. with Artyom Manukyan playing cello on one track.   The 2026 session sound les refined or focus, and more like a musician exploratory session wih the recording equipment on. As such it's not as interest the first CD, but still worth a listen.

Finally, the sun is coming and melting some of the ice covering everything.  You can hear cracking off and slipping off the roof gutters, and falling from the trees. Even with the cold snap, we're still better off than other areas of the country. Where ever you are, stay safe.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Dino Saluzzi and Anja Lechner, Al Di Meola

On this heavy hearted Sunday Muse Day, The mellow nature of my selections are comforting background music.  First up, Dino Saluzzi and Anja Lechner Ojos Negros (Black Eyes) is an 2007 ECM release featuring Saluzzi on bandoneon, (The bandoneon is a type of concertina particularly popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It is a typical instrument in most tango ensembles. Wikipedia), and Lechner on the violoncello (The cello or violoncello is a bowed string instrument of the violin family. Its four strings are usually tuned in perfect fifths: from low to high, C₂, G₂, D₃ and A₃. The viola's four strings are each an octave higher. Wikipedia). Yes, I had to google both of their instruments to make sure I got them right.  I love the old world sound of the bandoneon.  I have other recordings by Dino Saluzzi  and he is featured on my second selection.

My second selection is Al Di Meola World Sinfonia Heart of the Immigrants, a Mesa 1993 release. This is Di Meola's mostly  acoustic ensemble that "incorporates South American, Spanish, and Middle Eastern elements, and makes Argentine tango a very high priority" - reviewer, Alex Henderson, All Music website.  This is a music direction Di Meola pursued in his solo career after leaving Chick Corea's Return to Forever.  Dino Saluzzi plays Bandoneon on this CD.  This is fine example of the universal appeal of world music. Worth giving it a listen. 

Again, my heavy heart is lifted by the comfort music on these CDs.  I hope others can find solace in music, too.

Gibson ES-175T - Restringing and truss rod adjustment.

Although, I’ve been playing guitar since my 20’s, I still get stressed out changing guitar strings.  An added stress was I had to do a minor truss rod adjustment for a slightly bowed neck. Luckily, there are plenty of YouTube videos to show it’s a pretty sample thing to do.  One surprise was the discolored  guitar top from age, I noticed when the bridge slipped out of position.  I don’t think there much I can do about it and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - 100 Years of Jazz Guitar

 For Sunday Music Muse Day, I’m diving into this great find at the Bop Shop Records store, Progressions - 100 years of Jazz Guitar.  This 4 CD boxed set, plus the 146-page booklet has tons of photos and commentary on that guitarist and the music. It starts with a trio in 1906 and end with Mike Stern with Mike’s Davis in 1981, so yeah, there could be a follow-up, but the roster of guitarists is incredible.  If you're into jazz guitar, you’d be hard pressed not to find a favorite player in the roster.  Check the song list and enjoy, I plan to that.

Judy Rosenberg Ceramic Art.

 I visited my friend Judy Rosenberg, at her studio in the Anderson Arts Building this weekend and picked up a new ceramic piece for my office.. We had a great time just hanging out with Lily S., a friend and former co-worker with us both at Brighton Memorial Library, who also dropped by.  We might have to make it a monthly thing for Second Saturday’s studio visits. 😉 P.S. The picture is a photo by friend, Peter Grosett of a statue some where in NYC. He couldn’t remember where. The small picture is an Android Jones image.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Baden Powell, Snarky Puppy

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds us recovering from an extreme temperature swing, from a frigid  -5º on Saturday morning to a mild 47º at midday Sunday.  Whatever the weather, here are selections to warm your heart.  First up, Baden Powell Live in Berlin, a two CD set of a solo concert recorded in 2000.  The intimate nature of the concert lets the full beauty of this legendary master of Brazilian music surround you.  This collection is worth seeking out.

My next is selection is totally different.  Snarky Puppy Empire Central is also a 2 CD set of "live in the studio" recording of this large ensemble of musicians described as "a big funky, romping, muscular jazz band". In my opinion, their music bridges art-rock and jazz fusion in a good way.  I was a little put off my their cutesy name when I first heard about them through an article in a local weekly newspaper, but came to like them when I heard their music. The group sound takes center stage over flashy soloists. Again, they are well worth a listen, and I have several of CDs to prove it.

Hopefully our temperature will settle to a normal winter pattern.  In any case, find a warm cozy spot and enjoy some good music.  It warms the soul.