Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sunday Music Muse Day - Esperanza Spalding, Brad Mehldau

After a little break in weekly Sunday Music Muse Day, here's two selections worth checking out. First, Esperanza Spalding Emily's D+Evolution. If you're tuned in to the buzz about Kate Bush's tune "Running Up that Hill", used in the Netflix series Stranger Things, you'll enjoy this unique outing by a young multi-talented musician.  She's best know as a highly awarded jazz bassist and college music instructor.  This could be a concept album and "Emily" a alter-ego.  In any case, It a very densely produced modern style. I find the vocal styling hard to follow without reading the lyrics, but that could be my old ears. My favorite tune is the tune " Unconditional Love (Alternate Version) with blistering guitar solo by Matthew Stevens.

Second, is Another CD that could seen as  concept album, Brad Mehldau Jacob's Ladder.  Again, Brad Mehldau best known as jazz pianist, the music on this CD draw heavily from progressive rock music of the 70s, ike Rush's "Tom Sawyet", Yes "Starship Trooper, to take a journey in a different music direction.

So,  both my selection are taking a several listening explore, but they're growing on me.