Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday Music Muse Day - Jim Hall & Ron Carter, Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, and Paul Motian

We had nice weather this Sunday Music Muse Day, made more enjoyable with a short to the Brighton Farmer's market to catch part of the jazz music set by friends, Bob Snieder and Mike Melito, with Jimmy Highsmith, a local saxophonist. We hadn't seen Bob and Mike in over year.  Lisa and I picked some lunch from food truck to take back home. At home, I played today's selections, a sort of double play with Ron Carter in common, while I worked on my Inktober drawing for today.  First up, Jim Hall and Ron Carter Duo Alone Together.  This is just a classic 1973 Milesstone Records released album that should be in any jazz lover's collection. I never owned the original vinyl record, but remember taking it out of the Lincoln Center Music Library in NYC. I'm not sure I appreicated the quiet beauty of it in my mid-twenty, my Jazz Fusion period.  I'm happy to enjoy it now, helped by listening to the music of Bob and Mike.

My next selction, Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motian, is trio session from 2006. Again, there is an enjoyable mix of what I call "Jazz Americana" in Bill Frisell music, that is just a pleasure to listen to and enjoy. The playing of veterans Ron Carter on bass, and Paul Motian on drums, make this a outstanding CD.

All in all a great day. 

Inktober 2021 # 1 to #10

 Again I committed myself to do the Inktober sketch challenge, where you do a daily ink drawing from a list of work prompts.  I haven't pickd up a pencil in months, so there no promise of great drawings, but I like to at least give t a try. I have to remind myself it's not about doing a great drawing everyday, just do it at all.

# 1 - "Crystal" - A tribute to Jack Kirby with Crystal from the Inhumans, holding a crystal. Weak visual pun.

#2 - "Suit" and #3 - "vessel"  When I fell behind I have combine prompts on one drawing.

#4 - Knot" and #5 - "Raven.  I slip a day behind, so I combine prompts, again. It's allowed

#6 - "Spirit" - Tribute (with apologies) to Will Eisner

#7 "Fan". Another quick sketch. This actually has a story behind it. It is a nod to a Disney Gargoyles episode I directed, "Bushido", one of the World Tour shows. In the climax the Gargoyles fight an evil samurai, but the execs forbid sword fighting. The writer wrote that the samuari had hand pads that emitted electro shocks. I changed that to Japanese fans that emitted energy bolts and shocks, like fans used in Kubuki theater. Happy to say it came out pretty good.

#8 - "Watch".

#9 - "Pressure".

#10 - "Pick".

Ten down twenty days to go.