Monday, April 29, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day (A day Late) Bill Frisell, Gerry Gibbs

Here's my Sunday Music Muse Day post, a day late. First up, Bill Frisell: Orchestras.  This is the latest release by one of my favorite guitarist.  I think of his music as  Neo-Amerciana, It always reminds me of a blend of jazz, folk, and American composer Aaron Copland.  This is a recording Frisell's trio with Thomas Morgan on bass, and Rudy Royston on drum performing with two full orchestras, the Brussels Philharmonic and the Umbria Jazz orchestra, orchestrated and arranged by Michael Gibbs. I'm really enjoying hearing old Frisell favorites of mine arranged for orchestra. It would be cool if the Bill Frisell came to Rochester and performed this with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.  One can dream.

My second choice is Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio with leader Gibbs on drums, and legends Kenny Barron on piano, and Ron Carter on drums.  It doesn't get better than this for power trio. This is actually the fifth release of Gerry Gibbs I have. I like his eclectic choice of material.  Besides sessions like this he does concept projects,  like his "Gerry Gibbs & Thrasher People -Weather or Not", an interpretation of Weather Report music, with Alex Collins on piano, and Hans Glawisching on bass.  Any Gerry Gibbs Dream Trio is well worth picking up. (I couldn't figure out if Gerry Gibbs was related to Michael Gibbs, the arranger on the Bill Frisell CD)

So, that's it for my day late post. Be sure to find some good music to enjoy, whatever your taste.  Peace.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Journeyman Artist Disney TV's Gargoyles - Director's Showcase & Timeline Tales

was co-producer/Co-Director on the 2nd season of Disney TV's Gargoyles. With this year being celebrated as the 30th anniversary of Gargoyles, I've been inspired by several comic con panels and interviews of fellow Gargoyles Producer/Directors, Greg Weisman (creator) and Frank Paur, to put together this collection videos of the 20 - 2nd season shows I directed. This is an overview as I posted separate "Reels" video of each one. Also made separate videos, Timeline Tales, for selection episodes, with more personal commentary, and support art.


Here's the Timeline tale for  Gargoyles' "Mark of the Panther".

Here's the Timeline Tale for "Bushido".

Here's the Timeline Tale for "Pendragon"


Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Dexter Gordon Quartet, Geni Bertoncini with Mike Mainieri, Michel Moore and Corsello

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds me enjoying two solid jazz sessions. First, Dexter Gordon Quartet At the Subway Club 1973.  Dexter Gordon is well known as an "expatriate" jazz musician living and working in Europe, at a time when America offer them less opportunities to work. He's also famously known for the movie Round Midnight, for which Gordon was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor after which he returned to U.S. to much acclaim. These live recordings as marvelous example of his playing. I remember liking Round Midnight, as it reminded me of my father's experience of moving to Paris after the death of Duke Ellington, and staying until his own death there in the late 80's. The jazz life could hard, and beautiful. at the same time.

Next up, is Gene Bertoncini Reunion, with Mike Mainieri (Vibes), Michael Moore (Bass), and Joe Corsello (drums). This 2012 session is the reunion of guitarist Bertoncini player with the players he first met and played together with in the 1970's, in various combos.  They formed a strong and lasting musical bond. The strength of the bond and friendship show sin their excellent interplay.  Well worth a listen, often.

It's been a changeable couple of day, cloudy, rainy, then sunny, then overcast again.  Perfect weather to just cool out and listen to some good music.  Enjoy.

B&N browsing _ Books and Toys

I did some brief browsing through Barnes and Noble today and found some interesting books and a few toys in the children's section, I was tempted to get, but didn't.

There were several books on this display I'd be interested in. (But  I'd only buy them on discount, since now being retired, I'm on a fixed budget) 

These toy in the Children section are amazing. These Hydraulic Boxing Bots are updated on the classic Rock Em, Sock Em Robots.

This hand blaster, look like kid's nerf version of wooden blaster I posted earlier.

This Newsweek special  Lego issue was spotted int Wegman's checkout counter. I can agree with the subtitle: "The Toy that Changed Our Lives", wholeheartedly.

I'll always be a kid at heart.

Retro Rocket Key Chain

My friend gifted me a Wally Wood book with some of his great sci-fi art. It’s the perfect compliment to this retro-rocket keychain I picked up at Record Archives.


Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Pat Metheny Trio, Felix Martin

This Pre-Solar Eclipse Day Sunday Music Muse day has me presenting one of my favorite guitar players, and a shot in the dark, a guitarist I never heard of. First up, Pat Metheny, Pat Metheny Live at Estival Jazz, at Lugano Switzerland, July 9th 2004.  The trio consist of Pat, on electric, nylon string, and guitar synthesizer, with Christian McBride on bass, and Antonio Sanchez on drums.  This live set draws tunes from Metheny extensive discography, and a favorite tune of mine, Lonely Woman, written by Horace Silver. I did feel this setting wasn't the best for Pat's music.  I missed the keyboards.  Also, I wasn't knocked out my Antonio Sanchez' drum solo. But, that's me just nitpicking. I was more than happy to find this CD at Record Archives, and I'm looking forward to Pat's release later this year.

My second selection was a shot in the dark, Felix Martin The Scenic Album.  I admit I was curious about the dual neck guitar in the cover photo and the bass player of the Chapman stick.  Overall, this 2013 release misses the mark for me. guitarist and  and leader Martin states in the liner notes he was "exploring Jazz Fusion, Death Metal, Mainstream Jazz, Latin, World, Heavy Metal and Djent (whatever that is)".  I heard strains of Robert Frigg/Adrian Belew era King Crimson (which I like) in some of the tunes, but the tunes' structure is lacking for me.  Too much of the playing is "shredding", for shredding sake". This maybe be another gift to my friend Sean Scanlon, like the Clutch CD I gave him. A case of just not my taste in music. But, so you can be the judge, I included the full liner notes, and there are videos of the tracks on Youtube.

So, be sure to watch take the proper precautions when watching the solar eclipse, take the warning of eye damage seriously. Enjoy.

Wondercon 2024 - 30 Years of Gargoyles A Celebration for the Fans panel

Great to see all the old Gargoyle crew. I had an invitation to attend the panel, but couldn't make it on short notice.