Sunday, July 7, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Astro Project, Pat Martino.

This Sunday Music Muse Day find Rochester, pleasant warm and sunny day, not boiling as my friend on the West Coast.  Having lived in LA,  I feel for them.  I'm enjoying the weather with two good musical selections.  First is Astral Project Elevado, a modern jazzy group that I was attraction the 7-electric guitar playing of Steve Masakowski.  I have several releases by the group, and is a nice set of original tunes members of the group. I hope to hear more.

Next, is the late, great jazz guitarist, Pat Martino Desperado.  This 1970 session was Martino's fifth release as a leader.  Most striking thing to me, is he's playing electronic 12-string guitar.  Pnly two other jazz players come to mind for using a 12-string and that John McLaughlin with the 12-string being on his famous double-neck guitar he used with Mahavishu Orchestra, and the other is Ralph Towner, although I think his was an acoustic 12-string with maybe an internal pickup. This definitely has a raw, early jazz fusion sound, like early Larry Coryell on his "Barefoot Boy" album.  It's great to listen to this for it's jazz guitar historical context.  It's always nice to find a gem like this that fills a gap in my Pat Martino collection.

So, if you're in the areas experiencing the blazing heat, stay cool, hydrated, and safe.   

Preview of Thundercats & Gargoyles game figure painting.

For Thundercats Tuesday (personal prompt), I starting to paint the Gargoyles & Thundercats game figures I have. These things are tiny.

 Watch for a more a detailed post, with video, soon.

Disney TV Gargoyles Postcards.

Oddly, I only have one of the cool Thomas Blackshear Gargoyles postcards, but a huge stack of the Season 1 postcards. People are selling season 1 cards on ebay for $5 ea. I'm thinking if I ever do a comic con table, I can give them away, or charge a small fee for an autographed one. LOL

JIm Steranko Comicscene and Mediascene Posted to Ebay.

 I'm finally trying to step up my decluttering effort, by offering these old copies of Jim Steranko Comicscene and Mediascene magazines up for auction on ebay.  It's time I passed them on to younger Steranko fans.

Check them out.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Ruby Tuesday - Joe Pearson Tuka's Oasis Cafe

For Ruby Tuesdays, here's a treat for Ruby, Galactic Gumshoe fans. My talented friend, Joe Pearson, shared a two-page B&W spread drawn by him. and inked the late Dave Simons for his comic book 'Fusion" from 1988, before I met Joe. I liked it, and added a touch of fun by using an app to add AI color (don't worry, I won't make a habit of doing that). Joe liked it, and hinted there's "Ruby" homages in the art. Sure enough, first there's name, "Tuka's Oasis Bar & Grill", or as "Tookah" to Ruby fan. Then there's Tookah, "the four tentacles, three eyes, a thin blue mustache, and a red faz, and toothy RoDANT Kapoor. Nice. Extra note for the Ruby fans, the comic's "Conceptual Editor - Lex Nakashima", had the media right to Ruby. He granted me permission to pitch Ruby as an animated series in the mid '90. The unsuccess effort became one of my Dime-A-Dozen Projects. I'll add a link n the comments) I added some images from the Fusion comic which features inking by the late Dave Simons, who was also a friend, and animation co-worker of mine on many shows. Be sure to check out Joe Pearson's War of the Worlds: Goliath FB group for a real treat.


Monday, July 1, 2024

Delayed Sunday Music Muse - Bob Sneider with Gunhild Carling.

Yesterday marked the end of the Rochester Jazz Festival, but really I couldn't present any CDs that would top this live performance by Bob Sneider with Gunhild Carling, in Syracuse.   Seeing is believing, so just enjoy.