Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Allan Holdsworth, AMM III

This Memorial Day weekend Sunday Music Muse Day finds me offering a hit, and a miss.  First, the hit, Allan Holdsworth FLATTire: Music for A Non-Existent Movie.  This solo CD with Holdsworth on the Synthaxe (guitar synthesizer) and guitar, with Dave Carpenter appearing on acoustic bass on two of the nine tunes, feels like a session of casual personal exploration, maybe not meant for general release. Taken in that context, it's a pleasant enough listening experience.  Worth the time for any long-time Holdworth fans,

Next, is a complete miss on my part.  AMM III - It Had Been An Ordinary Day in Pueblo, Colorado. Yeah, the music is just as pretentious as the CD title. I have only myself to blame, the "red flags" were in plain sight on the cover and liner note pics.  The duo of Keith Rowe on guitar and "prepared guitar", and Eddie Prevost on drum, were both unknown to me.  I picked this up on the strength of being an ECM release, granted a 1979 session.  This is definitely, an avant-garde/free jazz/soundscape affair.  Not my taste in the least, but I did give it two full listens. Your mileage, or musical tolerance, may vary. 

As I post on FB, I try to be mindful of the true meaning of Memorial Day, a time to remember and reflect on the fallen who give their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms and rights they believed in. Hoping you do the same. Peace.

Nemesis: Retaliation - S.I.M.O.N. Says - Journeyman Artist Timeline Tale

Nemesis: Retaliation is a 1-5 player semi co-op horror Sci-Fi thematic Board Game created by Adam KwapiƄski and published by Awaken Realms. It is the final, epic part of the Nemesis trilogy of games. In Retaliation, you and your friends are facing an onslaught of an alien HORDE! I'm a sucker for sci-fi battlesuits, so the game figures and art hooked me. So I supported this on Kickstarter, and can't wait to play it. This looks like a mash up of Aliens/Starship Troopers/and ExoSquad, the animated TV series I worked on as Co-Producer/Director, and Character designer. This add-on character, with the hovering drone reminded me of a comic book story idea I had, "S.I.M.O.N. Says" (One of my Dime-A-Dozen Projects). Here's plot line for it. - DJW

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Cannonball Adderey Sextet, Jazz Instrumentals

Today's Sunday Music Muse Day, finds me in "old school" mood. First up, the Cannonball Adderley Sextet Dizzy's Business.  This is live recordings from two concerts in 1962 and 1963.  The stellar lineup includes Joe Zawinul (pre-Weather Report) on piano, and Yusef Lateef on flute, Oboe, and tenor saxophone.  (Lateef's oboe playing on "Love Theme from Spartacus" on his Eastern Sounds is a favorite of mine)  Even the cover photo has a classic feel. The liner notes nails it: "...(The CD) captures one of the outstanding jazz groups of the '60s at it's scorching, soulful best."  This CD is worth seeking out.

Next is The Very Best of Jazz Instrumental.  The title of this 3-disc anthology collection say it all. It's  "45 Original Jazz Classics".  I personally prefer instrumental music most of the time.  Also, I like to recommend anthologies to new jazz fans to get a good sampling of jazz tunes, and styles, they might like, before diving to specific artists.  Almost everyone offers Miles Davis' Kind of Blue as the starting point for a novice jazz listener, a good choice, but variety is the spice of life, in music.  A cool packaging touch, is the CDs looking like vinyl records.

I think you can find a lot of music to enjoy in these two choice.  Have great day.

Bill Haley and the Comets, Here Comes the Band - 1970 TV record Spots

Here are two more TV record spots I found on an old VHS tape from the 1970, produced by Wingstar, File Productions an indie film production company, I did freelance animation art and direction for. This, and the TV record spots, may have been my first animation jobs. We all have to start where. Enjoy.

Bill Haley and the Comets

Here Comes the Band.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day (Monday Edition) Artemis, Paul Motion Trio

Here's my Sunday Music Muse Day post, a day late due to Mother's Day. First up is Artemis In Real Time.  Artemis is an all female jazz group that has be turning heads in the jazz world for their great music.  I have the first recording and this out grabbed me with the first tune on the CD, "Slink" written by late Lyle Mays, known for his collaborative work with Pat Metheny for many years.  Artemis wonderful group worth seeking out.  I hope they come to Rochester jazz festival sometime.

My second pick is the Paul Motian Trio At the Village Vanguard, a 1995 live recording at the legendary New York City jazz club.  The is rather a laid back outing with leader Motian on drums and Joe Lovano on tenor saxophone, and Bill Frisell on guitar, and guitar synthesizer.  It starts off a with a tune that has a "jazz loft feel" and  it keep the sense of intimacy and adventure, throughout. Good stuff.  Actually, I'll pick up anything with Bill Frisell on it. 

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Mother Day.  

Larry Niven Book Spot (1976) - Journeyman Artist Timeline Tale

I found an old VHS tape with copies of my TV record spot from the 1970's and this Larry Niven Book promo was on it. This produced by Wingstar, an indie film production company, I did freelance animation art and direction for. This, and the TV record spots, may have been my first animation jobs. We all have to start where. Enjoy.

ExoSquad Jump Troop Pod Assault

This sequence is from the ExoSuad 2nd season Episode, "First Step", from the storyboard panels featured in the slideshow. My first attempt at posting a video was block for copyright issues. The blocking can be hit or miss. But, with the advance in AI, it seems to be getting worst. Music was the main reason for problems, now AI is tagging visuals more, too. It’s a real slap in the face when you help create the source material, as I did with the storyboard art and directing the episode. I have to resist the impulse to just stop making content for ExoSquad, or other projects, that I worked on, but didn’t control the rights to. Time will tell.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Sunday Muse Muse Day - Wayne Shorter, Gerry Mulligan

Today's Sunday Music Muse Day will be short and sweet with two well know jazz player.  First up, Wayne Shorter Quartet Beyond the Sound Barrie, is a collection of live recording from November 2002 - April 2004, from touring dates in North America, Europe, and Asia.  The liner notes doesn't outbreak out exact date and location on each tune. The quartet consist of Shorter on saxophones, Danilo Perez on piano, John Patitucci on bass, and Brian Blade on drum. Younger, but talented and experienced players.  It worth a listen, as all Wayne Shorter music is.

Next up is the Gerry Mulligan Quartet Dragonfly, a CD I've had for a long time, and remember picking it up just because it had "dragonfly"as its title.  Although, I do like Gerry Mulligan's playing, this session is too tame, and bland to get excited about. Best I can say about it is it's not bad background music. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a good week.