Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thundercats Tuesday - Episodes #107 to #109.

This week's Thundercat Tuesday post features sketches for show #107 to #109. These show mark the beginning of more of the character design I've done.  I've included the show title cards as well as screen shots.  Enjoy.

 Doji-Kage (the Mechanical war horse) was one of my favorite designs.  Too bad it only lasted long enough in the show to be ripped apart by the Ma-Bat.

 The PAC animation team really buffed up the Ma-Bat character.  I was trying to keep it simple for ease of animation,but they greatly improved it.

 Captain Bragg was fun character to design.  He talked like W.C. Fields and CrowNan companion, talked like Groucho Marx.

I think this episode was the last we saw of the Luna-Taks.  There was no sketches for Show #110.  Show #111 will introduce the Return to Thundera story line, with lots of new characters and location.  See you next time.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Bob Sneider, Mike Melito and Danny Vitla & Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

For this week's Sunday Music Muse Day, I'd like to thank Bob SneiderMike Melito and Danny Vitale for all the great music they performed as part of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival. I caught these talented musicians at a trio concert at the Rochester Central Library, and at two of the after hours jam sessions. Their stellar musicianship never ceases to amaze me. Take a another bow, guys, you deserve another well earned round of applause.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thundercats Tuesday - Show # 102 - 106

This week's Thundercats Tuesday features design sketches from Thundercats show #102 - #106.   I've spiced thing up this week with screen shots of the items in the episode.  I  must admit it's been a while sincce I've seen these show and I barely remember the plots.  That makes it fun to revisit them, when taking the screen shots. I'll keep doing for now on.

TC # 102 - The Return of the Thundercubs , written by J. Larry Carroll.

TC #103 - The Formula written by  Kimberly Morris

TC #104 - Locket of Lies Written by Bill Ratter & Peter Lawrence

TC # 105 - The Wild Workout Written by Becky Hartman

TC #106 - Bracelet of Power Written by Bill Ratter (Note:  On the Thundercats DVD collection #106 is listed before #105.  I can't remember if  the episodes aired of order or not)

Hope you enjoyed these.  Please leave a comment.