Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free Halo 3 Game Flipz Download

In response to the people who just don't get the whole "flip book" thing, but really, to thank all those people who do "get it", and like my Dragonfly Flipz movies, I've posted a small Game Flipz Demo for download on my website.


Just click on the Halo 3 Game Flipz Book with the Flamethrower cover. Then, download the .pdf file, print it out, cut the pages out, assemble in order, staple and flip. There you have it , your first Dragonfly Game Flipz to enjoy.

This is a simple one sided flip book. Normally, I like to make two sided ones only, but that's a little more complex, so let's start with this one. It was designed for those pre-cut business card sheets. I advise printing it on card stock or brochure paper (I used Glossy HP Brochure Paper). But, doing so means cutting out the pages by hand. Reverse the last page, Pg. 40, to became the back cover. Use two staples from a heavy duty stapler(a plain office stapler may not be strong enough) to keep the pages from twisting.

And here's some advance tips: Laminate the front and back cover pages (image side only) with those stick-on lamination sheets for protecting I.D. cards and such. That keeps the covers from being ruined by the oils in the fingers. Plus it gives the book a more polished look.

Those who "get it", please show it the guys who don't, who leave post messages like, "...pointless" and "..why not just watch the video?" I'll try to make a movie of the version of the flip book, but I'm in the process of moving , so time is short. You can leave a comment here or when I post the movie.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thats pretty sweeet maaaaan,but i dont see how to download the pdf file.i clicked on the cover.it just opened up another page of the cover looking bigger.do i right click it or somthin? cuz i have no idea hahaha.

Dennis J. Woodyard said...

xxxbitterpillxx, go to my Dragonflyent.net site to download the Halo 3 flip book PDF. (click on the link listed here on the right) Try it again, and let me know what you think.
Thanks for the comment.