Monday, October 29, 2007

Metropolis Cinema Flipz Book

Here's a Dragonfly Cinema Flipz book of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the classic 1927 silent movie. It one of my favorite movies, for the great iconic images in it. You can definitely see the inspiration for Star War's C3PO in the "Maria" Robot.

I did this a several years back using images from a funky, low quality, budget VHS tape. Since then, a really great digital re-mastered, restored authorized edition was released by Kino Video on DVD in 2002. I did a second mini-book Cinema Flipz of scenes from the DVD. (See the book below) I'll have to make a movie of it soon and share it with everyone.

I hope to interest Kino Video in letting me do Dragonfly Cinema Flipz book of their great video releases, especially their silent movie catalog. I think it would be a nice way to introduce these films to a new young movie lovers. I'll keep you posted.


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