Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Steve Brown / Guillermo Bazzola, John Stein

The Sunday Music Muse Day marks the opening weekend of the Rochester International Jazz Festival. I'm looking forward to catching some of the performances.  In the meantime, here's two guitar offerings to act as a warm up.  First, John Stein Lifeline, a compilation of 20 + years of Stein's recordings. After buying my first John Stein CD back in 2019 , I wrote, "quick online search reveals he is a "Internationally renowned jazz guitarist... born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri USA ...His talent for and love of music ultimately earned him a faculty position at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he is a Professor in the Harmony Department.  John Stein is an experienced teacher, clinician, recording artist, and author. John has performed as a leader or a sideman with some of the world’s finest jazz acts, and his compositions and performances cover the spectrum of jazz styles."  He has 14 releases to his credit, still I've never come across him before. " Well, counting this 2 disc set I have sixof his CDs , and will continue to seek out more. His being a jazz guitar instructior and performer reminds me of my friend Bob Sneider, will be was busy this performing the RIJF, in several venue., including MC at the after hours jam seesion. Check the festival schedule to seek him out. Maybe someday, there's be a John Stein-Bob Sneider festival gig.

My second selection is semi-shot in the dark.  Steve Brown / Guillermo Bazzola - Jazz Guitar Duo, Una Penquena Alegria. Although, I do have another CD by Guillermo Bazzola I bought without hearing of him before. I sampled a cut at the Bop Shop Record store and thought was worth a try.  I did enjoy it, so this was also worth a chance.  Steve Brown was also another guitarist I wasn't familiar with, but this duo recording makes me want to hear more of his music.

Again, if you have a chance, go out and support our local jazz by attending a couple of the many performances of the RIJF.  There are always plenty of free events on Gibb Street, renames "Jazz Street", and at Parcel 5, across the Sibley Building on Main St.  See you there.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day (a day late due to Father Day)Joe Zawinul, Jan Garbarek

Here's my Sunday Muse Muse Day, delayed because of Father's Day).  First, I hope everyone had a good's Father's Day.  Let's start with maybe one of the father of Jazz Fusion, Joe Zawinul  Faces and Places.  This seems to be a Japanese Victor release. This is one of his many post-Weather Report recording, which are always interesting to come across. 


Next up is Jan Garbarek Eventyr, an 1981 ECM released with the late John Abercrombie on guitar, and Nana Vasconcelos on percussions.  Surprisingly, I never had this on Vinyl. I'm happy to add it o my ECM selections.

So, short post to catch up.  Again, I hope Father's Day was enjoyable for everyone.

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Jan Garbarek, Egberto Gismonti, & Charlie Haden - Magico, Larry Coryell

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds our local weather ranging from blueskies with bellowing white cloud to sinister dark clouds, to heavy down pours, or as we call it, typical Rochester weather, it changes by the minute. I'm finding comfort in listening to two enjoyable CD finds. First up, Jan Garbarek, Egberto Gismonti and Charlie Haden - Magico - Carta de Amor.  It's a long title for a trio generally known a Magico, from the title of their first outing in 1980 with Charlie Haden credited as leader. I remember buying the album back then and remained a fan ever since. Carta de Amor was recorded live in Munchen, Germany, in April 1981.  The beauty of their music in timeless.  This two CD set has one of my favorite  Magico tune, "Palhaco", but there is only paid versions online from this CD set. I'm happy to say I got to see Egberto Gismonti in duet with Nana Vasconcelos, in the '80's in a Brazilian club/disco in NYC. I was attracted to Gismonti's playing of a 10-string classical guitar, and his amazing piano performances.  I think he single-handedly introduced me to another side of Brazilian music, besides bossa nova, coming from the region of Bahia, Brazil. Any Magico trio CD is worth giving a listen.

My second selection is actually a repeat posting, due to my being a visual person, in that I thought, by the cover, it was one I didn't have, but actually Larry Coryell Shining Hour is a CD I already have.  I'm glad I do,  because I find the 32 Jazz release cover info to be totally lacking, just stating the band personal, and the song titles, but not tunes authors, or even the recording date info.  This is a nice straight ahead jazz session for Coryell and company to shine, recorded in 1999 at the Van Gelder Recording Studio, with the legendary Rudy Van Gelder, engineering. It doesn't get better than that.

Here's the original CD Cover.

As The rain continues, on and off. I'm happy to be indoors and listening to these tunes.  Enjoy.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Exiled - Wesley Snipes - Kickstarter.

The delay satisfaction of receiving a Kickstarter project supported during Covid has arrived. Wesley Snipes" Exiled. Really, it was the action figure statue that sealed the deal. I may have to paint it, at some point.

I can't wait to dive into these goodies.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Joe Pass, Chet Baker & Bill Evans


This Sunday Music Muse Day, I have three legendary jazz musicians to share with you. First, Joe Pass Joy Spring, a live quartet club performances recorded in1964.  This classic jazz guitar playing at its best. There's not much to said except, if you come across this CD buy it and give it a listen.

Next, is Chet Baker and Bill Evans The Complete Legendary Sessions.  I admit, although I've known of these jazz giants or since my twenties, it's only been in the last ten years or so that I've picked up their recording on a regular basis.  Maybe it was musical maturity or just stepping beyond my guitar-centric music listening comfort zone. As the liner note states: "...Chet Baker and Bill Evans were both Highly lyrical and introspective player." who I now can appreciate fully. This CD is the complete collection of their collaborations. Both musicians live troubled lives due to ongoing battles with drugs and inner devils.  The music on their CD make me wish they had more opportunities to play together. 

So, as we roll in to a new month, summer is near, and time for more summer festivals and outdoor music. In this stressful times, take a break and enjoy as much music as you can.  It's good for the soul. 

Flight of the Helgon - Before Gargoyle - A Journeyman Artist Timeline Tale

Long before I was co-producer/director on Disney TV's Gargoyles, the animated series, I created the Helgon, an original character I used for promo art in my freelance career, and my own original fantasy/adventure story. Here's a video of my collection of my Helgon sketches and art. Enjoy.