Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dragonfly Game Flipz Books on Ebay

After moving from LA to Upstate New York, I unpacked and set up my work space. As I sorted through my Dragonfly Flipz book demos, I realized "man, I got a lot of these flip books", and for various reasons they're just sitting here collecting dust. Let's face it, I've been posting my Dragonfly Game Flipz movies on Gametrailers and Youtube, for over a year, now, contacting the game companies by sending emails and sample books, and the results have been luke-warm to no comment what so ever. Either it's a dumb idea (like the flip book is too low-tech for them) or they just don't get it. But, the views counts tell the fans "get it". So maybe it's time to move on, or at least try a different plan. I'll be cutting back on the Game Flipz book for awhile to concentrate other Dragonfly Flipz books that I can produce directly.

But, to thank all the viewers who have been soon inspiring, I've made a few of the Game Flipz boks available on EBay this week. A single copy, and only a single copy, of the Halo 3, Final Fantasy XIII, Killzone 2 (2005), and the Unreal Tournament 2007 Game Flip books will be on auction.

When I did my demo books I usually printed a gang up of 4 books. When I finished a group, I'd video a copy for my Game Flipz movie (so technically the book in the movie is still not for sale, if any one cares). A second copy was sent to the game developer with a proposal letter. So, I alway have 2 or three copies on file. I have given copies people as gifts or to perspective business contacts at conventions. For example, Geoff Keighley, who hosts the Game Head show for SpikeTV and shows here on has a copy of the Killzone 3 (2007) Game Flipz Book, one of my latest, the I gave to him at the San Diego Comic Con last July. Kevin Pereira of G4TV has a copy of a small Halo flipbook (Dude!...look in your sock draw, the damn thing is a collector's item!) Not one word from any of them, I know all these guys are busy, but...what's a guy have to do to get a response. So, it time to re-group.

So, if you interested owning Dragonfly Flipz book before the general world discovers these little gems, click om my Dragonfly Emporium link and check out the auctions. And if you can pass the word on to friends, please do so.

Thanks, again.

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