Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Charlie Christian, Kenny Burrell.

For this fine spring Sunday Music Muse Day two jazz guitar that were included in the CD set Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar.  First, jazz guitar pioneer Charlie Christian, The Immortal Charlie Christian. It's mono recording of after hours sessions.  It has a very relaxed feel to it. 

My second selection is Kenny Burrell Blue Muse.  Kenny Burrell came into his own in the 1960s.  This CD was recorded 2002.  Burrell is still alive (91 years old) but due to poor health hasn't performed in years, to my knowledge. He certainly has earned his place in the ranks of great jazz guitarists.

Again, you can find Christian and Burrell in this collection of jazz guitar greats.

Good music will brighten up any day. enjoy.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Bob Snieder with Steward Copeland & the RPO, Rich Thompson

This Sunday Music Muse Day has me celebrating the achievements of two of our local musician friends.  First, Lisa and I attend the concert by Steward Copeland, with Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, on his The Police Deranged for Orchestra Tour.  Friend, Bob Snieder, local premiere jazz guitarist, and instructor, played guitar as part of the core trio.  Copeland's take on the music of the Police was given an added twisted by his post-Police development as a TV and movie soundtrack composer It was great seeing Bob perform with Copeland, since the Police was one of my favorite modern pop/rock band. I think they were one of the last main stream rock bands I really followed. I was also a fan of the individual members solo career projects, especially Steward Copeland's The Rhythmatist album, which featured African musician Ray Lema.  I wished I could have gotten Bob Snieder to ask Steward why the album had two different covers, the first with African warriors, and the second with Copeland holding a field microphone boom. Just curious.  I hope this concert shows up on the Jazz at the Eastman radio show.  I would be great to heard it again. 

(Photos by Rob Man)

My second friend selection is Rich Thompson Who Do You Have to Know CD that was released on Friday.  I made sure to pick up a copy at The Bop Shop Record store. Owner Tom Kohn had some readily available. This is a solid outing by leader and drummer Rich, who I'd seen play many times which group Trio East, Generations.  In fact, he played a track from the CD on the last Generation gig I attended last month.  This group maybe the first I've seen Rich with a guitarist, and organist.  I like the classic jazz feel of the music.  Definitely a nice additional to my jazz collection.

It's really an honor to have these talent gentlemen as friends.  Their dedication and contributions to Rochester Jazz in their performing and teaching through Eastman School of Music is inspiring to so many. The least I can is support their music, without reservation.

Hump Day ; Odds & Ends - My DVD lineup of Shows.

For a last Wednesday's Hump Day: Odds & Ends, here's a pic of animation DVDs of projects I’ve worked on. They'e in chronological order from left to right. I hope to do a full timeline video soon. There are several missing, either no DVD was released, like the second season of ExoSquad (but I have a bootleg copy), Firehouse Tales, and Biker Mice from Mars, or I haven’t tracked them down yet. A lot of the show episodes are on Youtube at this point.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Music Muse Day - Passing of Wayne Shorter

This Sunday Music Muse day, is a solemn one, as we mourn the passing of Wayne Shorter, the legendary jazz saxophonist, who musical legacy will live on forever.  Like many other fans, I’ve be sampling and listening to selected music from his long and celebrated career. My selections nearly scratch the surface.  I admit, I used Wayne’s stature to counter any statement that Kenny G played jazz saxophone. To his family, friends, and band mates, past and present, i add my humble condolences.