Sunday, September 9, 2007

Greeting from Rochester, NY

To Friends & Family,

Greeting from Rochester NY.

I'm still not totally settled. We're moving into our Town House, next week, so I'm sending this email from my father-in-laws's computer. (My computer is still on route from LA with all my email addresses on it). Everything is going fine, I'm happy to be away from LA. I'm looking forward to diving into my own projects, Dragonfly Flipz and others, full time, and getting back to drawing. In the meantime, my family and I are adjusting to our change of lifestyles. The kids have started school, which they like a lot, plus they have made a couple of new friends, already.

Once, I'm settled in, I'll post updates and pictures. Friends and family can send me emails to my (dfly) address you already have, that's not changing. I can read them through Web Mail.

Let's keep in touch. My best to everyone.

Best regards,


BTW: My birthday's tomorrow, Sept. 10, so send me a e-card. (57 yrs, wow!! Time to start pricing that cool walker with the "racing stripes" and bicycle bell. AARP discounts, anyone?)

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