Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Nerf Blaster from Hasbro

The good guys at Nerf Haven have unveiled a new Nerf Blaster from Harbro. Here's a peek. It seems it will be released next spring.

There's some debate about the size, below is my estimate in comparison to the LongShot.

Just for fun, I'll be presenting my own thoughts on the future of "Nerf War", soon. Here's the cover (not final) preview image:

I'm still editing the text. I hope to have it done soon. It should make for some lively "nerd" debate on NerfHaven. Be sure to join in.


Anonymous said...

Is Hasbro Making NERF Grenades Or Snipers?

Dennis J. Woodyard said...

I don't know if Hasbro plan a Nerf Grenade (but, I'm working on a design for fun). The N-Strike Longshot CS-6 is supposed to be a sniper rifle, but the barrel extension actually weakens it's shooting range. Thanks for the comment.