Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Women in Art

This interesting Youtube movie, "Women in Art", was send to me by a dear friend. She, and others, had some reservations about the lack of pictures featuring "women of color". Here's part of my reply: "I like it lot...I wouldn't get too blown out of shape about the lack of "woman of color" in the piece. I just enjoyed it at "face value" (...horrible pun, intended). If, it had be titled "Women in Western (or European) Art", it may not have received so much flack. In any case, it leaves the option open for other films to feature various other cultures and art. In instead of knocking the artist, who by viewing his other film, like "One World", seems to have his heart and mind in the right place, those who find the piece lacking should just... do their own film."

View it for yourself and enjoy

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