Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions - 2014

You know you are in a rut when you can recycle six year old New Year's resolution.  I wrote the following in 2008:

"So, what are this New Year's resolutions? Lets see:

To get back to drawing, for fun, and profit. Generally, put down some of my original ideas in more concrete forms like storyboards, animatics, model sheets, etc. Also, make better use of my website and blog to get the Dragonfly Flipz off the ground."

I still have the same goals, so why hunt for more.  I'll give my self a break, I have been drawing and posting sketch books to my youtube channel this past year.  I finally made videos of the Magic Lantern slides I had, and  the old children filmstrips I illustrated.  So, creatively I haven't bee a total slacker.

I guess my main resolution is be more more productive. Be a better Human Being, if it's not too late.

Happy New Year.