Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Music Muse Day

Sunday is my Music Muse Day, a day to listen to old favorites and discovery new ones to inspire the soul. I started the day with the gift CD from Jazz 90.1 radio for renewing my membership. Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker, Carnegie Hall Concert. Great stuff!

 Actually I starting Music Muse Day last night by cruising youtube to find some tunes I had heard on a internet radio station but they didn't show up in itunes.  Sure enough, they were on youtube, full versions, not just short preview.  The main one I wanted to hear was this DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo  tune "Ha Doh".  The trumpeter sound like Miles Davis.  This tune has haunted me for years.  I'll have to track down the CD.  The second track featured is Five Deez / Fat Jon - Sexual for Elizabeth, again I heard it on internet radio and could not get it of of my head.  Enjoy.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eye of the Sun - Childrens' Filmstrip - 1976

Here's another children's filmstrip project I did the illustrations for back in the '70's. Eye of the Sun is a Egyptian myth about the creation of the world.   I think this filmstrip is much better shape, visually, than the Kaa's Huntings filmstrip.  The colors hasn't faded as much.  I have to admit the soundtrack is a little lame.  You can tell these weren't high budget projects. 

As before, I've included some storyboard pages with this post.  Enjoy

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Children Filmstrips - Tom Thumb and Kaa's Hunting

I  posted some videos on Youtube of children's filmstrips I did the illustrations for back in the '70's, ancient history for some of you younger viewers. These were some of the first professional illustration jobs I landed.  The paid wasn't great, in fact it was pretty damn low.  But, it was great fun and let me at paid for drawing.   It also prepared for storyboard work  I would do later in the animation career.

These  educational filmstrips  were shown in schools or libraries before video tapes were around. I did several of these including adaptations of Grimm's fairy tales, like "Tom Thumb" , Greek Myths and African folk tales. I want to digitize them before the old slide film fades completely. 

The soundtrack were on cassettes.  One side has the music and narrative with a audible beep to cue when to change to the next slide frame.  The other side have inaudible beep for use with slide projectors that advanced the frame automatically.

 Here's a storyboard page for Kaa's Hunting and the sample art  I did to get the job.

Like I said, crude by today's standards, but I hope they entertained some kids for a little while.  In any rate, they did earned awards for filmstrips, so that's something to be proud of.

 I'd been thrilled if anyone remembers seeing this in school or a library. If you did please leave a comment here or on the Youtube page. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Old Graphic Animation Demo On Youtube

  I found this old Demo tape of mine that I wanted to save before it fell apart.   I used it for a lecture I gave at Monroe Community College, in Rochester NY, last fall.  The clips at the head of it are from record ads already posted on Youtube.    Unfortunately the original sound track on the demo didn't play properly.  The on-air network promos were done when I worked for Image Factory in New York City.  The HBO promos were done by Doros Animation.  All are crude by today's standards but back then they were cutting edge.  Enjoy.