Sunday, April 25, 2010

Exosquad DVD and Video Dumpster Diving

While shopping on Amazon for something else, I decide to pick up DVDs  of some shows I worked on.  So, I picked the ExoSquad Season 1, and the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, The Collection Volume 2.  I figure these show may not show up in Blu-Ray.  I consider myself lucky they showed it in DVD, at all.  By contrast, I have little hope that the Nascar Racers series will every been released by Disney.  Also, it seems the remainder of the Disney Gargoyles episodes may never be released.

I hope the second season of ExoSquad gets released sometime.  I directed half the shows of the second season and got to design some characters, like this Neo-Lord, which was turned into a action figure toy.  I was only the oversea animation supervisor on the first season, but that lead to my move to LA.  The Galaxy Ranger Vol.2 completes the set, I had Vol. 1 already.  It nice to see some of my art on the cover and in the booklet.

Funny thing, I was shopping in a local Big Lots, a discount store, and there was the Exosquad DVD for $3.  WTF!!?  No harm done, I only pay $10 on Amazon.  Actually, I've been picking up more DVDs, animation and live action, by video "dumpster diving" into discount bins.  If you not hang up on the Blu-Ray craze, it is a good time to pick up some DVDs of stuff you where interested in, but not enough to pay full price for.  Some stuff I view once and put up on Ebay.  That's getting tougher to do with the price dropping so much.

Happy dumpster diving.