Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Music Muse Day - Jan. 27

Well, I've been listening to several odd selections this past week.   While working I sometime listen to KCRW Sound Eclectic online.  I find I alway hear something the just catches my ear.   Here a couple of examples.

After hearing the two Aasf Avidan cuts I like the original live cut more than the remix.   It nice to know there new tunes to discover.

To round out the week I heard this William Shatner, of Star Trek fame, tune.  "Has Been" sounds like a spaggetti western theme,  It's just fun.


Sam Woodyard - Happy Birthday Jan. 7th

Here are two pictures I found on the web of my father, Sam Woodyard, from his pre-Ellington days with the Milt Buckner Trio.(That is Sam on the right) Happy Birthday, Sam.