Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Charlie Brown's Christmas with Vince Guaraldi

This week's Sunday Music Muse day pick, in keeping the holiday spirit, is "A Charlie Brown's Christmas" featuring the music of Vince Guaraldi.  This is of course the famous soundtrack to the classic animated family Christmas special of the same name. I, of course, have an earlier copy of this CD for years.  This Fantasy CD is re-release which has four additional bonus tracks that are alternate takes from the recording session. Plus, the nice fold-out CD package has the Peanuts characters print on a clear plastic window, like a animated cel, and includes an info booklet.    All in all, a nice way to start the holiday season.

 Now if you'll excuse me, I get back to my egg nog and rum.  Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, ans Steve Masakowski

Just a short Sunday Music Muse Day post as we enter the meat of the Holiday Season.  I was listening to Miles Davis In a Silent Way this morning and happen to find this Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter 1+1 CD while shopping today.  Of course Herbie and Wayne played on the In a Silent Way sessions.  1+1 is a duet outing that presents them in a introspective, be adventurous mood.  All the tunes are new to my ears, but the don't have every CD or album they've recorded.  Well worth a listen.

The next selection is a CD by guitarist Steve Masakowski, What it Was.   This is the second CD I own of his, the first being Direct AXEcess (his spelling, pun on axe being slang for guitar)  I like his playing, there a hint of Pat Martino in it.  He plays a 7-string guitar, which always interest me.   Although I'm not familiar with his career, his wikipedia page
is very impressive.

So that's it for this week entry.  Enjoy the coming holiday season.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Movie Sound tracks, The Turtle String Quartet

(Posted a day late due to Blogger being down yesterday)  Just a short Sunday Muse Day post. I was organizing my CD collection, putting several months of current purchases in their proper place, and I came across these two movie soundtracks. A Shock to the System is a Michael Caine dark comedy crime thriller. I remember it being enjoyable. The music by Gary Chang is performed by The Turtle String Quartet, this was my first expose to them.

The other soundtrack is for the movie Unstrung Heroes, music composed by Thomas Newman. The comedy drama film is directed by Diane Keaton, and stars John Turturro and Michael Richards (Seinfeld's Kramer).

 Soundtracks aren't something I pick up often. But once in a while one sticks in my head and I seek it out.