Sunday, January 18, 2009

Music Muse Day - More Or Les

In keeping with my Music Muse Sunday efforts, here's a original tune, "More or Les", my third Sound Sketch just posted on youtube.

The "Les" in the title refers to a old friend of Les Bernstein, not Les Paul the great guitar player, and father (inventor) of the solid body electric guitar, although it could be dedicated to him, also. This jazzy tune was inspired my a jam session I have with Les (B.) when we work together at animation company back in late '70s. Les was a much better guitar player than I was, at the time. But it was fun trying to keep up with him. Les is now a independent film producer/director. I hope he still plays. I'm working on some lyrics for this tune and longer version with a break for solos. Check back for it.

I'm getting braver about posting my music and showcasing my guitar play, as limited as it is. Next up,...a vocal. There one thing youth and old age share is a sense of fearlessness. Youth because they're too dumb to know better, and old people because they just do care. Besides, it been said there's no fool, like an old fool. Enjoy.

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