Monday, January 12, 2009

Sam Woodyard - Jazz Drummer (Jan. 7, 1925 - Sept. 20, 1988)

Duke Ellington - The Shepherd

Here's my annual tribute to my dad. The late, great Sam Woodyard. Here's clip I found on youtube with Sam playing in a trio setting with Duke Ellington, in a sculpture garden Of Miro pieces. He was well known for his brush work on drums. I don't think you hear that style of drumming much today. Enjoy.


JohnnyB said...

Dennis, that was an amazing clip of your father's work. Wow Duke Ellington! When was this film made and where? Was that Joan Miro in the background? Miro's work is a perfect compliment to jazz music. There were some great shots of you father in that clip also. Thanks for sharing that.

Dennis J. Woodyard said...

Thanks, for the comment John. That is Joan Miro in the clip. I look for a picture of him on the web. I'm just as amazed by that as you are.