Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Beginning - Tribute to President Obama

Here a my video inspired by the Inauguration for President Barack Obama. When I realized my next youtube video would be my 50th video post, a personal milestone, in a way, I wanted to do something special. The Inauguration proved to be the perfect subject.
It a simple video, just a re-edit of the Presidents Slideshow on the White House web site set to the music played at the event. But I think you'll agree, this is new day, a "New Beginning", not just for Barack Obama, but for all of us. As I watched CNN that morning, even before the swearing in, it was the comments of the people in the gathering crowd that give me the most warmth and inspiration. Plain Americans from all walks of life who wanted to be there, to share in this historic moment.
So, here my humble attempt share the good spirit, and hope, for better days to come. Please share this with all your friends, and family members.


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