Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dragonfly Flipz Indie Aritst Preview Showcase

Here's several Dragonfly Flipz Preview Showcase of Flip book base on independent artist, creator-owned projects.

These flip books were done very early in the development of my Dragonfly Flipz book concept. I plan, with artists' permission, to make these available as DIY (Do It Yourself) flip book downloads for a small fee. In addition, I plan to revise and expand these into Dragonfly Flipz Mini-books. I just designed and produced the flip books. All the artwork was done creators.
Cyberella, by Don Cameron, is base on a animatic Don did. Cyberella was co-created by comic legend Howard Chaykin. It was a comic series for DC Comics Helix imprint (discontinued). I'm try to get Don to do more with Cyberella. Don latest work as CGI animation backgound art design on the DEAD SPACE Animated DVD.
Yojimbo 4, by Dell Barras, talent artist with ton of experience in the animation field, earning a Emmy nomination for Animation Direction. Yojimbo 4 flip book is a a few scene for flash short Dell sent to me.
Cat Burglar, by artist / animator Steward Lee is base on a animated short. It's actually part 1 of 2. But, the 2nd part is only in pencil test form. Steward is also a great comic book artist.
Velocity, by Creative Logik Universe, Al Lopez and John Bavaresco, CGI EFX guys. Their credits include CGI work with Steven Spielberg's IMAX movies, Titanic and Aliens of the Deep. The y also work on a little know, but great showing show, Nascar Racer (the CGI racing scene are head above the new Speed racer TV series, in my humble opinion. But, I was the producer / director on Nascar Racers, so I may be bias) Velocity is still looking for a creative home. Check their link on my site.


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