Saturday, January 3, 2009

Confession of an Accumulator

"Now it's the day after Christmas and my clock is in the red"
(lyric from the song, Love Waits by Richard Miceli - Warped Sky Band -'80)

I hope everyone had a wonderful, peaceful, holiday season.
But, I'm glad the annual, massive, rush to buy and get new stuff, that started in mid-November, has finally ended. Don't get me wrong. I love the whole Christmas and Happy Holiday season. I love giving presents, more than receiving them...really. But, as I'm still in the middle of settling in after moving to a new house. Emptying our storage space, I realized I have lot of "STUFF"! Like a lot of artist / animation nerds my age (late 50's) I have loads of comics, books, paperback books, vinyl records (yes, 12" records), toys, posters, and oddball stuff that hard to label. This is not to mention the stack old personal art work stored in old portfolios, from teen years to the present, and old artwork, VHS tapes, and saved materials from the TV shows, and other projects, I worked on. So, at this stage in my life I realize I'm not a collector, of anything (I never was really), I'm a ACCUMULATOR of STUFF! Some personal, have professional, mostly fun, and more just plain odd. I've started weeding out stuff when I moved recently. But, a lot of old stuff actually traveled from east coast, to west coast, and back again, just because I couldn't throw it away. Enough is enough!

The line " clock is in the red", alway stuck with me. It seems to say how can you move forward when your dragging that old stuff behind you. So, I'm going to start getting rid of stuff. Some it will end up on Ebay, as part of the world greatest garage sale (hopely to pay for new updated stuff, like a new computer, HD TV and PS3, if I'm lucky). Other items will be in the family's spring garage sale. And, lastly some will end up in the garbage. But go it will. I don't intent to end up like those people who die and are found among floor to ceiling piles of old newspapers and magazines. I plan to at least clear spot so I can fall to the floor. (Also, my sweet wife assures me she'll have no second thoughts about dumping all of my stuff in the trash. She's not a pack-rat like me, by any means)

So, if you so inclined check my ebay store, Dragonfly Emporium page from time to time, you might pick up a cool item or two.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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