Saturday, January 10, 2009

Killzone 2 Game Flipz Books Retrospective

Here's my Dragonfly Flipz Book Killzone 2 Game Flipz books Retrospective. (All unreleased and Concept Demos, not for sale) Really, it's just a chance to make HD versions for better viewing.) I shoot this as a way to give a better sense of how you would read a Dragonfly Flipz book. You can think of as a Dragonfly Flipz introduction and "how to read"tutorial. I get many people viewing who don't quite get the Dragonfly Flipz comic book page / multi-panel flip book concept. I kept the repeating soundtrack, which is from a later Killzone 2 trailer, simple for that reason. I want this to be closer to the true book experience. I think of my Dragonfly Flipz Mini-Books as a new graphic novel, comic book, and story book format. I plan to develop them for movie tie-in books (like for Transformer, Batman, etc), and education titles (like a Space Shuttle launch, or Mars Landing). I considering trying doing a Dragonfly of a feature length movie of like the original King Kong or maybe the recent Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Time will tell. For now, enjoy.

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