Sunday, October 10, 2021

Inktober 2021 # 1 to #10

 Again I committed myself to do the Inktober sketch challenge, where you do a daily ink drawing from a list of work prompts.  I haven't pickd up a pencil in months, so there no promise of great drawings, but I like to at least give t a try. I have to remind myself it's not about doing a great drawing everyday, just do it at all.

# 1 - "Crystal" - A tribute to Jack Kirby with Crystal from the Inhumans, holding a crystal. Weak visual pun.

#2 - "Suit" and #3 - "vessel"  When I fell behind I have combine prompts on one drawing.

#4 - Knot" and #5 - "Raven.  I slip a day behind, so I combine prompts, again. It's allowed

#6 - "Spirit" - Tribute (with apologies) to Will Eisner

#7 "Fan". Another quick sketch. This actually has a story behind it. It is a nod to a Disney Gargoyles episode I directed, "Bushido", one of the World Tour shows. In the climax the Gargoyles fight an evil samurai, but the execs forbid sword fighting. The writer wrote that the samuari had hand pads that emitted electro shocks. I changed that to Japanese fans that emitted energy bolts and shocks, like fans used in Kubuki theater. Happy to say it came out pretty good.

#8 - "Watch".

#9 - "Pressure".

#10 - "Pick".

Ten down twenty days to go.

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