Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday Music Muse Day - Jazz for Play Boys with Kenny Burrell and Freddie Green, Julian Lage

This Sunday Music Muse Day find me wishing for a end to winter, and licking my wounds from filing my tax returns. To ease the pain of both, here's two totally different jazz CDs.  First up, is a CD picked up on two day trip to Buffalo, NY, and Niagara Falls, Canada. I always try to hit local music shops when I travel in hopes of finding hidden musical gems.  This trip was a bust,  except for this funky CD of a 1950's LP, Jazz for Playboys, featuring guitarists Kenny Burrell and Freddie Green. Just the title, and cover art, made it a must buy. But seriously, this classic 50's jazz and it was recorded by the Rudy Van Geider, the legendary recording engineer, in Hackensack, NJ, I'm assuming at his famous studio. All I can say is, "Cool Daddy-O".

My next selection, was recorded in 2009, the studio debut of Julian Lage Sounding Point.  Lage has grown to be regarded as one the outstanding young guitarist on the jazz scene.  I just featured a Gary Burton CD with Lage on it. Sounding Point was nominated for a 2010 Grammy for Best Contemporary Jazz Album.  Not too shabby for a debut album.  As public service I'm listing the sideman as the type on the CD is in 0.05 pt type. You'd need a microscope to read it.

  • Bela Fleck – banjo on "The Informant", "Long Day, Short Night", and "Alameda"
  • Julian Lage – guitar
  • Chris Thile – mandolin on "The Informant", "Long Day, Short Night", and "Alameda"
  • Ben Roseth – saxophone on "Clarity", "All Purpose Beginning", "Peterborough", "Quiet, Through and Through", and "Motor Minder"
  • Taylor Eigsiti– piano on "Tour One" and "All Blues"
  • Aristides Rivas – cello on "Clarity" and "All Purpose Beginning"
  • Jorge Roeder – bass on "Clarity", "All Purpose Beginning", "Quiet, Through and Through", "Lil' Darlin'", and "Motor Minder"
  • Tupac Mantilla – hand percussion on "Clarity", "All Purpose Beginning", "Lil' Darlin'", and "Motor Minder"
I admit some tunes on the CD were "meh" at first listen, but it's worth going back to again.

Here's hope that spring comes soon.  Until then, stay warm with cool tunes. Enjoy.

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