Sunday, March 3, 2019

A&E Presentation Posters (mid-1980s)

I found the 8x10" transparency of final poster of the A&E Documentary promotional piece. Also, another poster for A&E's comedy lineup. I did these in the mid 1980s.
 This is my original rough sketch. A&E asked for the plane and FDR to changed to more generic images. I still like this drawing of the B-17. Plus, I rarely do life-like drawing like the FDR image.

Here's the final rough sketch with the new changes.
This Comedy show presentation piece was used by A&E in meetings with advertisers, I think.
These were done with airbrush and Dr. Martin dyes.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the original works back, but I do have these 8x10" transparencies for my archives.

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