Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday Music Muse Day - Paul Hofman with Mike Melito, Steve Masakowski

This Sunday Music Muse Day find me just returning from a trip to Portland, Maine for a little R&R (rest and relaxation).  I had hoped to scope out some CD/records stores in the area but only managed to visit one that didn't yield any great finds.  So, a visit to one of my local favorite shops, Record Archives, proved more productive. First up is local talent Paul Hofman Topsy Turvy, with my friend Mike Melito on drums. Hofman actually states this 1999 release "Topsy Turvy is on several levels an extension of Mike's My Conception (1997). The studio is the same, the rhythm section is identical, and Grant Stewart (tenor saxophone) returns to play on a few tracks".  It will be nice to play both CDs back to back. Topsy Turvy offer a nice showcase of Hofman's talent in separate settings of solo piano, duets (piano-drums, and piano-bass), trio (piano-bass-drums), and quartet (tenor saxophone-piano-bass-drums).  Fans of Bop and Hard-Bop jazz will find plenty to like in the CD.

Just for reference, here's Mike's 1997 CD.

Next up is Steve Masakowski (for Joe) is inspired by, and dedicated to, legendary jazz guitarist Joe Pass.  Masakowski plays the 7-string electric guitar and relates how his hearing the record "For Django" by Joe Pass "would have a humbling seemingly life-altering effect" on him as a young know-it- all guitar student. This very tasty CD shows he learned his lesson well. I think Joe Pass would be honored and proud at the result.

These selections will make for a pleasant afternoon of jazz listening. 

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