Sunday, August 15, 2021

Saturday Garage Sale - Shoot the Moon, Gargoyles board game.

 We took part in our neighborhood garage sales yestersay and the video shows the unsold dregs.

Mostly medias we know and love, books, VHS, DVDs and CDs, remained unsold. Overall the toys R/C cars, Robots, GI Joes Sigma Six action figures, and some Nerf guns I pulled out sold well (not in picture as we forgot to take a pic). I'll still try to sale some stuff on Ebay as a last resort.

Afterwards I went to Record Archives only to see a Shoot the Moon wooden toy, SPACE SHOT, like one we decided not sell at our garage sale. Ours looks better, but this box is cool. Archives has other novelty toys, too.

A second side trip to Target found this new Gargoyles board game on the shelf. I might have to pick one up sometime.

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