Sunday, March 24, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Astral Project, Dominic Miller

For this Sunday Music Muse Day, I have an addition to a group I have in my collection already, and a follow up to one of last week's entries. First up, Astral Project The legend of Cowboy Bill, with 7-string guitarist Steve Masakowski. This is a 2003 release, that follow their 1999 VooDooBop  CD.  Sandwiched between is Steve Masakowski 2000 solo CD, For Joe, in tribute to Joe Pass.  Cowboy Bill is a fine outing by a group I'd like to live, if they're still playing. Definitely worth a listen. 

Next is a followup with two CDs by Dominic Miller. First, Dominic Miller Vagabond, an 2023 ECM  release I passed on, and bought his Second Nature CD, instead. The second is Dominic Miller Shapes, a 2003 Decca release, that features many classic tunes and a version of String's Shape of My Heart, with String on vocals, and actually based on a musical riff by Millar.  So, they share song credit and probably a ton of royalties.  Of the two CDs,   I prefer the ECM, as it seems less commercial in the material. That said, Shapes is nice to listen to on a quiet afternoon, or evening.  

Feel free to check these artists on youtube at your leisure.  I still like buying CDs, as you can see enjoy.

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