Sunday, February 4, 2024

Robot Sunday Story - " Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful"

For Robot Sunday: AI art has me thinking of the old Rula Lenska's tagline, "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" (Alberto VO5 commerical - 1979) To many of us, the AI art is the Frankenstein monster, taking the heat for the Dr. Frankenstein, in this case, the Prompt-writer (and the AI app companies). So, the debate continues. This video was inspired by this cool mech image posted on a sci-fi themed FB group. The comments strongly suggest the image was AI generated, whicn brings out some strong opinions. As a creative artist, I admit, I'm conflicted regarding AI Art...but the MECH image is insanely cool. So, I made this video, and included mech images I saved to my screensaver slideshow that I used to save various images I see online that interest me. What are your thoughts on AI generated art?

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