Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday Music Muse Day - Ron Miles, Mareike Wiening

 Happy New Year and welcome to the first Sunday Music Muse Day of 2021.  Hope everyone have a good Holiday season and look forward to a better New Year. Some good music might help. I fortunate to get a gift card for Record Archives from my in-laws (they know me so well) and to put it good use with todays selections.  First up Ron Miles Rainbow Sigh.  This Blue Note release features Ron Miles on cornet, Brian Blade on drums, Bill Frisell on guitar, Jason Moran on piano, and Thomas Morgan on Bass. This is nice rather subdued session perfect for some serious listening on a cloudy rainy afternoon, like today.  Again, I have issue with the cover designer, to men the type is hard to read by the player's picture and the back cover. Small nitpick.

Next is Mareike Wiening Metropolis Paradise, a CD I picked up out sheer curiosity.  I first saw this months ago, at Record Archives, and thought the title was in reference to the Fritz Lang's classic movie "Metropolis", but that wasn't the case.  So, I didn't buy it then, but looked up the musician later on youtube and found a video performance.  The young female drummer/composer had a nice sound. So I promised myself I'd pick up the CD next time went to the shop.  Actually, this CD compliments the Ron Miles CD, as it is also subdued and rather laid back but very enjoyable.

Again, let's hope for a better New Year, and calmer days ahead.  

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